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A Airplane is a powered, fixed-wing aircraft that is propelled forward by thrust from a jet engine or propeller.


It is a light pink with blue stickers applied to the front of the plane, The wings of the plane and the bottom of the plane, Also some missiles on the top wing of the plane.

Role in the SeriesEdit

In the episode Party Poopers When the Cute Dolls want Mr. Bumpy for their Tea Party because having a monster at their party will make them trend setters, In a scene from the episode Bumpy is upset that Squishington is going to "A Doll Party" and that he feels all hot and dizzy. Just then, one of the Cute Dolls appears flying in the pink airplane she then drops a large box and it lands in front of Bumpy.

The second time the plane arrives in the episode only this time it has a suction cup hanging onto and clings on to Bumpy's bottom. He tells Molly they are no longer falling to there doom and he then tells Molly it's exciting and she should watch. Bumpy then tells her if he doesn't do this just right that he might suspend a crippling hang nail which could prevent him from playing professional roller derby for years to come.

Bumpy says he laughs at danger as he pulls out the plug he used earlier to make the pink Kewpie Dolls go down the drain and throws it at the end of the pink airplane. The Cute Doll comes flying out of her seat and Bumpy and Molly lands in the plane, Bumpy then wonders what any of the buttons do and he presses it. It turns out to be an ejector seat and causes him and Molly to fly out, as Bumpy grabs on to the chain of the drain. Just then the drain slips off as the plane takes off, Bumpy and Molly scream in horror as there about to fall to there doom at the end of part one of the episode.

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