All you need is glove title
"All You Need is Glove"  is an episode of the stop motion animated series, Bump in the Night.(Aired on December 3, 1994) 


The episode begins with Mr. Bumpy looking at a calender, which has the words "laundry day" written on it. Bumpy displays his hatred for laundry day and says it's the worst day of the year, when dirty clothes become clean. Bumpy then says that he loves the day before laundry day, which happens to now.

It then shows Mr Bumpy in the laundry rooms surrounded by piles of dirty clothes and laundry baskets, Bumpy is giddy with joy that he has all the dirty socks he can eat. Bumpy then gobbles up a few delicious socks, then he finds a perfect left foot sock, saying it's the most dirtiest smelliest sock he has ever seen. While Bumpy is talking, a white glove lying on the ground comes to life.

Bumpy sees the delicious sock and declares he must have it, he pulls out a knife and fork and pounces on the sock. Just then, the Glove comes to life and swipes the sock from Bumpy before he can eat it. The Glove then tosses the sock in the air and hides it inside it's opening sleeve. Mr Bumpy sees that his dinner is gone and demands the Glove to give it back.  The Glove taunts him in sign language and says "I saw it first, Jerky", the Glove then bends the fork and flicks it on Bumpy's nose.

The Glove then flees down the hall way, Bumpy is mad that the Glove took his sock and is prepares to chase after it. The Glove then opens the cabinet and the ironing board lands on Bumpy and squashes him. The Glove escapes, while Bumpy comes up from under the ironing board and follows it.

Bumpy follows the Glove into the kitchen and corners it, the Glove then reaches into the refrigerator and finds a sausage. Bumpy see's the Glove wants to fight back, and he jumps in the fridge and starts throwing food at it. Bumpy then pulls out a fish and starts sword fighting with the Glove.

Bumpy and the Glove then start dueling on the stairs, Bumpy uses the fish as a weapon while the Glove flights back with the sausage. Bumpy then takes a bite out of the sausage, damaging the Glove's weapon. The Glove leaps onto the steps, while Bumpy jumps after it. Bumpy takes a second bite of the sausage, making the Glove defenseless.

Bumpy and the Glove reach the top of the stairs, the Glove then throws his last piece of sausage at Bumpy and he eats it, leaving the Glove with nothing to defend itself. Mr Bumpy then starts swinging the fish around, ready to finish off his foe, the Glove then distracts Bumpy with the sock that he wants so much. Bumpy is hypnotized by the sock and drops his fish weapon. The Glove, now has the fish in front of it, then kicks the fish and Bumpy slips and tumbles down the stairs. The Glove then chuckles at Bumpy and escapes, Bumpy is then falling down the stairs and lands at the bottom. Bumpy is dazed and the fish lands on his head.

The Glove then flees into the Boy's room and then tries hiding under the bed. Bumpy is delighted, now that the Glove is in his territory, he cannot escape. The Glove starts wandering aimlessly under the bed, Mr Bumpy then emerges from the shadows and says "welcome to my place" in an intimidating voice, he pulls a lever and disappears into a trap door.

The confused glove then wanders to the trap door, Bumpy then springs up wearing a hat and holding a cane pretending to be a carnival clerk. Bumpy welcomes the Glove to "Bumpyville", the Glove tries to get away from Bumpy but he keeps appearing from trapdoors everywhere. Bumpy tells the Glove that there is an admission price and tells the Glove to give him the sock. The Glove cartwheels away, Bumpy ironically says some people just don't know when to give up and he dashes after the Glove.

Bumpy continues chasing the Glove around and jumping out from random places, the Glove then stops at a sign that says "No one here, what a relief" the Glove reads the sign and puts it's guard down. Bumpy then springs out under the Glove from a trap door, the Glove is trapped between some springs from the mattress. Bumpy think he has captured the Glove, but the Glove then uses the springs to bounce away. Bumpy then grabs a pair of springs and bounces after the Glove.

The Glove then springs up onto the dresser and Bumpy continues to pursue it. Bumpy stands before the "sock poacher", the Glove then knocks over a box of crayons, trying to slip up Bumpy. The crayons fall off into the dark abyss and Bumpy turns to the viewers and says that "Nothing comes back from behind the dresser." Bumpy see's the Glove, goes into a karate pose and pounces onto his foe. Bumpy grabs the Glove, but the sock comes flying out of it's opening sleeve, Bumpy watches in horror as the sock comes flying through the air and falls behind the dresser. Bumpy then blames the Glove and says that now neither of them can have it.

Mr Bumpy then becomes emotional now that the sock is gone, he then turns to the Glove and says now they can start a friendship which was once only rivalry. Bumpy and the Glove both see the sock, which is caught on a nail, Bumpy then immediately takes back his words and resumes being rivals. The Glove jumps down behind the dresser and Bumpy then dives in after it.

Both Bumpy and the Glove then cling onto the sock, Bumpy then says he wished he had longer arms or a parachute. Bumpy says that it couldn't get any worse, the sock then rips a little, and Bumpy says he had to open his big mouth. Bumpy then says it's the Glove's fault, and he sticks out his tongue, Bumpy then has an idea to use his tongue to help them escape. Bumpy stretches his tongue and snaps in up like an escape rope, the tongue then starts inching and climbing to the top of the dresser.

Bumpy tells the Glove to hurry and climb up, the Glove then begins to climb up Bumpy's long tongue and pulls itself onto the shelf. Bumpy then tells the Glove to pull him up now, the Glove grabs Bumpy by the tongue and pulls him and the sock up to safety. The Glove then rolls Bumpy's tongue back into his mouth, Bumpy thanks the Glove for saving his bacon. The Glove then grabs the sock from underneath Bumpy and yanks it out from under him, Bumpy is flipped into the air and grabs the edge of the dresser before falling back into the abyss again.

Bumpy pulls himself back onto the shelf and is aggravated that the Glove double crossed him, he then declares pay back and leaps off the dresser and into an open drawer. Bumpy then corners the Glove inside the dresser and demands to hand over the sock and says "no more kid gloves".

Just then, a pair of adorable baby mittens come out from hiding, Bumpy realizes that the Glove has kids. Bumpy sees the cute playful little gloves decides that he doesn't want the old sock after all. The baby gloves then start tugging on another sock that Bumpy was hiding behind his back, Bumpy then awkwardly says that he also doesn't want that sock either.

Bumpy then returns the sock to the Glove, the parent Glove put's the sock aside and starts cuddling the two mittens. Bumpy is touched by the sentimental moment and realizes that he is becoming a big softie. Bumpy then says goodbye to the Glove family, he jumps onto the top of the drawer and says that if they ever need a helping hand, they can call him. Bumpy then loses balance and falls backwards and screams, Bumpy is then heard off screen and ask if someone can lend him a hand, ending the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • The episode title is a reference to the song, "All you need is Love" by the Beatles.
  • Molly Coddle and Squishington do not appear in this episode.
  • In this episode, Mr Bumpy is the only character with dialogue.
  • Continuity error: In the scene where the crayons roll behind the dresser, the sock can be seen hooked on the nail. The next scene the sock comes flying in the air, Bumpy and the Glove think it it lost forever, and then they see the sock hanging on the nail.
  • The scene where Bumpy watches the crayons fall behind the dresser and realizes "nothing ever comes back from behind the dresser" is similar to the film "Toy Story" when Woody lose the Magic 8 ball behind the dresser and plans to trap Buzz down there.
  • This episode uses various double entendres, including the sausage humor jokes and the "nothing ever comes back from behind the dresser" joke.


Mr Bumpy: Laundry day! (shudders in disgust) Worst day in the universe! Turnin’ dirty stuff clean! Yuck! Oh I hate laundry day…  But I looooove the day before laundry day!

Mr Bumpy: Cross my heart and hope to die.  If that isn’t the most dirtiest, smelliest full of holesiest sock I ever laid my eye stalks on… Today at lease. GOTTA HAVE IT!

Mr Bumpy: HEY! My Dinner! Give it Back, you no good, sticky finger, sock taking sock taker!  I GOT NEEEEDS!

Mr Bumpy: He took my sock! That realllly burns my bottom!

Mr Bumpy: Now I gotcha! Put up your mitts you… er… mitt! And cough up that sock!

Mr Bumpy: Ooooh, pull the ol’ tube stick on me, will ya? Two can play at that game!

Mr Bumpy: Mr Bumpy fears no big weenie! Do your wurst!...  A little sausage humor there. EN GARDY!

Mr Bumpy: Alright Mr Smarty fingers, welcome to MY place.

Mr Bumpy: Welcome to Bumpyville! The coolest place on the whole planet! So much to see in Bumpyville, so much to do! And all for just a single admission price. So hand it over, you hand. Gimmie that sock!

Mr Bumpy: You know, some people don't know when to give up... here it goes.

Mr Bumpy: Gotcha! Well maybe I don't gotcha yet, but I'm gonna Gotcha!

Mr Bumpy: Few, that was a close one. Nothing comes back from... behind the dresser!

Mr Bumpy: Poor little sock. Plucked so cruelly before it's time... And more importantly before my dinner time. Perhaps it's passing will create a bond of friendship between the two of us, when once was only rivalry...What? (see's the sock) Mine, Mine! The sock is MINE! Out of my way RIVAL!!

Mr Bumpy: That no good, double crossing, back stabbing, rat finking, snake in the grass, lousy, five finger filching, good for nothing GLOVE!! It's pay back time!

Mr Bumpy: Cough up that sock. I'm warning you, no more kid gloves! (see's the baby mittens) Kid Gloves? Awww. They're so cute. Hey, I didn't want that old sock anyway. (one of the mittens grabs onto a sock Bumpy was hiding) Uh, as a matter of fact, I guess I didn't want that one either... hehehe, much.

Mr Bumpy: You know. I'm just getting to be a big softie.

Mr Bumpy: Bye-bye. Arrrivederci. Sayonara! If you ever need a helping hand, you know where to GO- (falls back and screams) -OOOOOoooH! Ow, hey, uh. Can someone lend me a... hand.


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