Auntie matta character
Auntie Matta is a female character which first appeared in the Bump in the Night episode, "Auntie Matta." Mr. Bumpy is her nephew, she is Bumpy's elderly Great Aunt and only known relative. She is voiced by April Winchell.

Appearance Edit

Auntie Matta is a monster like Mr. Bumpy and they both have a identical characteristics. She has green skin and purple warts, similar to Bumpy and has large saucer like eyes with red pupils. She has a bulbous nose with warts, and she also has a wide gaping mouth which is identical to a venus flytrap.

Unlike Bumpy, her eyes are attached to her face and are not on long eye stalks. While Bumpy has large un-even square shape teeth, Auntie Matta has smaller teeth in even rows.

Auntie Matta has grey scruffy hair and wears a wide brim hat with a bat on the front. She wears clothing unlike Bumpy, she has a pearl necklace around her neck, she has a blue dress with a dark blue dress skirt. Her legs are not visible and she slinks around when she moves, so the animator don't have to give her a walk cycle.

Auntie Matta is often hunched over and walks with a cane. She also has a skinny body shape and is notably taller than her nephew.

Role in the Series Edit

She is over a hundred years old, she has a creepy witch like voice and she loves scaring people. She scares Squishington and Molly Coddle, and Mr Bumpy helps show her the new way to scare people.

Mr Bumpy at first enjoys scaring people with her, she over stays her welcome and Molly tells Bumpy to make her leave. Bumpy refuses, but Auntie Matta made Bumpy's socks shrink in the dyer. Bumpy realizes that she has crossed the line and he comes up with a plan to get rid of her. Bumpy shows her a television, which finally scares her away. 


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