Carnivorous foam toads bitn

The Cute Dolls riding Carnivorous Foam Toads

The Carnivorous Foam Toads are a type of creature which first appear in the Bump in the Night episode, "Party Poopers." 

Role in the series Edit

In the episode, the Cute Dolls are trying to get Mr Bumpy to join their tea party, but he keeps trying to avoid them.

Bumpy tells Squishington that it will take an army of Cute Dolls riding on Carnivorous Foam Toads to get him to join their tea party, which turns out that the Cute Dolls have surround Bumpy riding on the very same creatures he mentioned.

The Toads don't really do much, except stand still and look menacing, they seem to be tamed by the Cute Dolls and they are threatening creatures since Bumpy fears them. As their name suggest they are carnivorous, which means they are meat eaters, suggesting that if Bumpy didn't agree to the Cute Dolls demands, the toads might have devoured him.

Appearance Edit

The Carnivorous Foam Toads are large scary disgusting creatures, with red blood shot eyes, and foam frothing from their mouths. The Toads appear in 3 different colors, light violet, yellow and one in green.

The Toad were mentioned again in the episode "Not a Leg to Stand On," when Mr Bumpy takes the Cute Dolls car for a joy ride, the Dolls say that they should sentence him to the "Carnivorous Foam Toads" and Bumpy imagines what happened last time he encountered the toads, but Molly tells the Dolls that Bumpy has learned his lesson.

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