Choco space flakes cereal
Choco Space Flakes is a name of a fictional cereal brand which appears in the Bump in the Night episode "Made in Japan". The cereal is made of chocolate flakes and the box has a picture of a "Turbo Totra Noid" Robot holding a bowl of cereal on the front.

Role in the SeriesEdit

In the episode, Mr. Bumpy knocks over the cereal box and then shoves the cereal pieces into his mouth, he then washes the cereal down with a carton of milk and starts shaking himself so the "milk can be chocolaty nutritious." The cereal has a box top coupon and collecting the box tops comes with a free robot toy in the mail. 

Mr Bumpy is at first excited to win a toy robot, but when the toy arrives in the mail, he is completely disappointed when it shows the robot is small and cute.