Cute Dolls Pink Car
The Cute Dolls Pink Car is an automobile which belongs to the Cute Dolls in the series Bump in the Night. 

Appearance Edit

It is a light pink plastic car which resembles a typical Barbie Doll car. It is a "convertible", which means it doesn't have a roof, the back seats have leopard printed fabric and the wheel hubcaps are light pink to match the rest of the car, There is also another appearance of the car which is a Big Pink Car, Before the episode Not a Leg to Stand On aired.

Role in the Series Edit

The Cute Dolls are often seen driving around in their car and sometimes appear to interact which the rest of the lead characters. 

Mr. Bumpy sometimes takes the car for joyrides which angers the Cute Dolls as Bumpy takes their things without permission.  


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