The Bump in the Night series has had some DVD releases over the years. First was one released by the former company DIC (Which is now owned by DHX Media even though DIC never produced Bump in the night) and N Circle Entertainment in 2003. On both DVD and VHS and re-released in 2007 which is called "Night of the Living Bread" which contained the episode of the same name also other episodes included are Bump and Roll,Party Poopers, School's Out (Karaoke Café song), Not a Peep! and Adventures In Microbia also comes with the bonus episodes All You Need is Glove and The Bowl of the Squishy Prince.

Also other Karaoke Café songs Making Music is Fun, Picking up the pieces and Don't Try This At Home as a part of the bonus episodes.

Another release by DIC and NCircle Entertainment is the Christmas Special T'was the Night Before Bumpy in 2007.

In 2010 Shout Factory release the complete series of Bump in the night on DVD with 4 discs with the two seasons plus the Christmas Special and Karaoke Café songs as the bonus features but it got discontinued in late 2012, But in early 2016 a company called Millcreek Entertainment re-released the complete series of Bump in the night on DVD which contains both discs of the two seasons and all karaoke songs at the end of each episode and the Christmas Special,It also includes bonus features of unreleased songs and concept art.

DIC and Shout Factory also released a DVD called DIC Animated Christmas Blast in 2008 the features five holiday themed episodes of different cartoons which one of them is the hour length Bump in the night Christmas special T'was the Night Before Bumpy which is the only Bump in the night episode on the disc. Also contains The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog: Sonic Christmas Blast, What-A-Mess: Santa What-A-Mess, A Hollywood Hounds Christmas, and Jingle Bell Rock.

This page is for DVD releases only to see VHS releases of the series click on the link below to the category VHS.


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