Dont try this at home song title
"Don't Try This at Home" is a Rock song which is performed by Mr Bumpy at the Karaoke Cafe. He sings about the how rules are meant to protect you and not to try anything dangerous at home. The music video uses a strobe light effect which flashing alternating images.  


Bumpy: Rules for will and rules for won't/ lots of rule begin with don't. 

Don't run too fast/ don't eat too much/ Don't walk, Don't Park, Don't Smell, Don't touch!

And Don't Try This at Home, Don't Try This at Home, I said Don't Try This... at Home

Bumpy: Every place has got it's rules/ Outer Space and Parks and Schools.

Don't ever touch a foamy toad/ Don't sneeze to hard you might explode!

And Don't Try This at Home! Don't Try This at Home! Don't Try This... at Home!

(guitar solo)

Bumpy: I'm not built the same as you/ So what ever else you do

Just Don't Try This at Home, Don't Try This at Home. NO NO NO!

Don't Try This... at Home.

Bumpy: NO NO NO!


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