Find a New Neighborhood is a rock song performed by Squishington at the Karaoke Cafe. The song is about Squishington wanting to visit places he has never been and he tells the viewers that he wants to bring them with him.

Summary Edit

New neighborhood

As the song begins, Squishington dresses up like a punk motorcycle rider, including leather gloves and sunglasses.  

During the song, Squishington is shown riding on a rocket like a motor bike and flies through various locations including the country, Microbia and outer space.  

Lyrics Edit

Squishington: Gonna visit a new neighbourhood

Gonna go where I can find something new

It’s going to be different and good

And best of all I’m going there with you!!

I’m gonna visit a new neighbourhood 

I’m gonna go for a new kind of ride

It’s going to be upside down good

And best of all you’ll be there by my side.

Squishington: What I never seen before I’m gonna see. Oh yeah!

Where I never been before I’m gonna be.

And best of all I’ll take you there with me. 

Yeah I’m gonna visit a new…. Neighbourhood. OW!

(guitar solo)

Squishington: It might be down the block

Or underneath the ground

Or on a distant planet…. 

What’s certain is it’s waiting to be found. 

I’m gonna go somewhere I’ve never been before. That’s me!

I’m gonna find a whole new cosmos to explore.

And if you’re with me I’m gonna love it even more. 

Squishington: I’m gonna find me a new neighbourhood. 

Gonna find something different and true 

Where there is a new kind of good.

And best of all I am going there with you!  Yeah!

And best of all I am going there with you! 

And you and you and you and you and you!

And best of all I am going there with you! 

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