Hand cream
Hand Cream is a skin care product used for re hydrating dry skin, the item was used in the stop motion series Bump in the Night. 

Role in the Series Edit

In the episode "Comforting the Uncomfortable",  Mr. Bumpy is feeling bad saying he "woke up on the wrong side of the bed", Squishington enters feeling awful, saying he "woke up on the wrong side of the bowl".  

Molly Coddle walks in to help her discomforted friends, she give Mr Bumpy old sock holes to eat and she gives Squishington a tube of "Petal Soft Hand Cream" to help moisturize his stiff head petals.  

Later, Bumpy feels revived from eating the sock holes and tries to find Molly. Squishington is shown moisturizing his head petals in the mirror and guesses that Molly is probably off comforting somewhere. The cream seems to help Squish feel good as new again while his hair petals look smoother.  

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