A Helicopter is a type of rotor craft, it's rotating propeller make it hover which helps it say airborne.

Appearance Edit

It is a light pink helicopter with an army style camouflage pattern on it. It is also capable of dropping anvils, and comes with an emergency ejector seat.

Role in the Series Edit

In the Bump in the Night episode Bump and Roll, Mr. Bumpy drives the Cute Dolls crazy from pretending to be a rock star. The Cute Dolls then try to put an end to Bumpy's concert, a Cute Doll is shown piloting a helicopter, she calls out to Bumpy and tells him to put down the guitar but Bumpy doesn't listen to the warning. 

The Cute Doll drops two pink anvils onto Bumpy but he dodges out of the way. The other Cute Dolls are shown driving in a Tank and lock onto Bumpy's guitar. He tosses it up in the air and damages the helicopter's propellors. The piloting Doll the presses the eject button and parachutes down to safety.  

The Helicopter is then blown up by the tank, it explodes in pink sparkly lip shaped fireworks and Bumpy and Squish admire the light show. 

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