"I got Needs" song

I Got Needs (Song) is a musical number performed by Mr. Bumpy in the season 2 episode "I Got Needs". 

Summary Edit

In the episode, a band of rhyming Vikings are plundering and pillaging the bedroom, Mr. Bumpy realizes that the Vikings are stealing his stuff and tries to stop them.

When Bumpy ask the Vikings why do they what his socks, the Vikings announce that they have needs. Bumpy is baffled by this and says "let me tell you about Needs, Bucko." A spotlight shines of Mr. Bumpy, music begins to play and he starts to dance. 

Bumpy then begins to sing about why he needs everything and he needs it more than them, the Vikings are convinced by Bumpy's song and yodel during the chorus. Bumpy takes back all the stuff the Viking's stole and also takes the rest of their belongings. Eventually Bumpy saves the day with his greediness and becomes the Viking's new leader. 

Lyrics Edit

Mr. Bumpy: Why do you want all these dirty socks for? Not to mention the stylishly soiled facial tissue?

Lead Viking: We Swed's got needs, Big Mouths to feed, allows us to proceed!

Mr. Bumpy: Needs?! NEEEEDS?!!!.... Let me tell ya about needs, Bucko! 

(A spotlight shines on Bumpy, music begins to play and Bumpy starts to dance)

Mr. Bumpy: (singing) I got a need, for all my stuff. 

You think there's plenty, not enough!

Some stuff I wreck, some stuff I chew up

Some other stuff I had got blew up!

My need for stuff might you succeeds

I need it all 'cause I Got Needs!


Vikings: Needs, Needs, The Bump's got Needs.

Yodel-odle Lay-hee Hoo!

Mr. Bumpy: I got a need, to bash through walls

and surf on top of Kewpie Dolls!

Ride on skates until I crash!

And smack into some stinky trash!

Try to fly until I succeeds

I got's to see, 'cause I Got Needs!


Vikings: Want's to fly 'til he succeeds.

Yodel-odle Lay-hee Hoo!

Mr. Bumpy: I need to scarf down icky things

Like navel lint and insect wings

I chew on stuff that's soft and gooey

and suck down socks 'till I go blooey!

I love this stuff on which I feeds

I eat this stuff 'cause I got needs!


Vikings:  He's got needs, the Bump's got needs.

Yodel-odle Lay-hee Hoo!

Mr. Bumpy: I need to hang 'round oddball dudes,

the kind with awful attitudes!

I hang with lots of wacky guys

Like aliens with double eyes!

And dudes that look like millipedes,

I hang with them 'cause I Got Needs!


Vikings:  Hangs around with millipedes.

Yodel-odle Lay-hee Hoo!

Mr. Bumpy: When sun goes down and crickets chirping

I got a need to do some burping!

Those monster needs got me repeating

was this something I've been eating!

I likes to belch, I begs a-please!

I got too see, 'cause I Got Needs!


Vikings: He's got to belch, he ask it please.

Yodel-odle Lay-hee.... (pause)

Mr. Bumpy: (Belches)

(Piano solo)


Mr. Bumpy: So don't you try to swipe my junk!

You say you need it? Hey, that's funk!

I need my stuff way more than you do,

So get it with your Viking hood!

So don't cha commit no more misdeeds!

Don't take my stuff because I Got Needs!


Vikings:  We won't commit no more misdeeds.

Yodel-odle Lay-hee Hoo!

Mr. Bumpy: I need my stuff so give it back!

And give me all of your stuff, Jack!

I take your Viking booty, chief!

So give me it, don't you give me grief!

I want your stuff, You thieving Sweds!

I want it all 'cause I Got Needs!


Vikings: He wants our stuff, It's what he needs...

Yodel-odle Lay-hee! Yodel-odle Lay-hee!

Yodel-odle Lay-hee  Hoo!


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