Giant Banana Split on top of Squishington

Ice Cream (Derived from earlier iced cream or cream ice),is a sweetened frozen food typically eaten as a snack or dessert. It is usually made from dairy products such as milk and cream, and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavors.

Role in the seriesEdit

In the season 1 episode "I Dream of Silverfish"when Phil Silverfish scams Mr. Bumpy and Squishington to do his bidding one of the request is a that he would like a giant banana split that they mentioned before. Then in the kitchen, Squishington is waiting on the floor holding a baseball mitt, waiting for Bumpy to throw the ingredients down. Inside the pantry, Bumpy says that the first thing a banana split needs is bananas, he grabs a bunch of bananas and tosses them to the floor. Squish is flattened and squashed under the heavy bananas. Bumpy then wonders what else a banana split needs and imagines random things like ice cream, jelly beans, whip cream, chocolate sprinkles, gurken pickles, dynamite, slugs and other crazy nonsensical things. After the wild imagination sequence, Bumpy ask Squish if he forgotten anything, Squish is buried under a mountain of ice cream and mutters how about the cherry. Bumpy then drops the cherry onto the ice cream and Squish painfully says thank you. Back in the bedroom, Bumpy and Squishy tells Phil Silverfish that the sundae is ready and Bumpy rings a triangle. He then tells the boys to step aside, saying the sundae is for him, he pulls out a spoon and instantly gobbles up the sundae. Bumpy and Squishy watch in shock as the bug devours the mountain of ice cream.

In the season 2 episode Destructo's Flipside when Mr Bumpy puts Destructo's battery backwards making him nicer and using him as Bumpy's personal servant wearing a pink apron Bumpy tells Destucto to make him a strawberry milkshake, Destructo then transforms his hands into an ice cream scoop and a milkshake holder, he scoops ice cream into the cup and a tube comes out of his shoulder to pour in the milk.

Later in the season 2 episode "Cold Turkey" Mr Bumpy and Squishington climb to the top of the refrigerator,Bumpy then declares that it's time for a special treat a "clogged drain hair and toe nail sundae". He licks his lips and pulls out a brown paper bag with the hair and toe nail clippings, he then says that all he needs is the ice cream. Both Squish and Bumpy try to push the freezer door open, Squish ask Mr Bumpy what does a "clogged drain hair and toe nail sundae" taste like, Bumpy then says it taste like a "scoop of rocky road over a doctor boil's foot support, only crunchier of course."

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