Twelve days of christmas song

It's the night before Christmas is a musical number from the Bump in the Night Christmas special T'was the Night Before Bumpy.

The song is performed by Mr. Bumpy, Squishington, Molly Coddle and Destructo. The song is based on the carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

In the Christmas special, Mr Bumpy sits at the piano and sings that he wants Santa's bag of toys for himself. While Squish also says he wants a pair of feet, Molly says she wants hugs and Destructo wants everyone to obey him.

At the end of the special, when Bumpy loses the presents and realizes that giving and sharing with the people that you love is more importaint. When Bumpy learns the moral, he sits at the piano once more and sings a reprise as a slower ballad about the lesson he has learned.

Lyrics Edit

Mr Bumpy: (singing) It's the night before Christmas and my philosophy

Is all the presents should belong to me....

Squishington: On the night before Christmas, what I would likes a pair

One pair of feet.

Mr Bumpy: That's too bad, 'cause there's not enough to share.

Molly Coddle: My request for this Christmas is based on comforting. 

Great big hugs.

Squishington: One pair of feet.

Mr Bumpy: Well too bad 'cause I'm getting everything.

Destructo: What I'd like on this Christmas, is rules you will obey.

Do what I say!

Molly Coddle: Great big hugs.

Squishington: One pair of feet.

Mr Bumpy: Hey I get everything that's on the sleigh....

Mr Bumpy: I don't think that you people have heard the words I sing.

Dibs on the bag....

Destructo: Do what I say!

Molly Coddle: Great big hugs.

Squishington: One pair of feet.

Mr Bumpy: Hey I'm Mr Bumpy I want everything....

Reprise Edit

Mr Bumpy: Twas the Night before Christmas,  and my philosophy

was all of Santa's gifts should go to me.... 

Mr Bumpy: On the night before Christmas I went up North to snag

All the cool stuff, that was found deep inside of Santa's bag.

Mr Bumpy: On the road to the North Pole I met some friends in need,

One wanted wings, one wanted hands and I was out to satisfy my greed... 

Mr Bumpy: When I got to the North Pole I finally got the bag,

Bag got a tare, gifts everywhere, friends got the gifts 

and though they were happy, I thought "what a drag...."


(jazz solo)

Mr Bumpy: I came back to bedroom with this discovery...

I don't need things... Giving away gifts uplifts the people that you love...

And on Christmas that's good enough for me.....

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