Mr bumpy its mine song

It’s Mine is a jazz song performed by Mr. Bumpy at the Karaoke Cafe. Sometimes during the series, the instrumental version of the song is played in the background as Bumpy's theme.

Summary Edit

During the song, Mr. Bumpy sings about that everything he finds he takes and belongs to him, and he has to have everything. At the end of the song, Bumpy gets a tummy ache after eating too much junk and belches. 

Lyrics Edit

Instrumental opening

Mr. Bumpy: When you think, “you lost something” 

That comic book decoder ring 

Where did it go? I’m here to sing

“It’s Mine!”

Slice of pie, I take the last one

Watch me while I pull the fast one

Grab the sock I hit the gas

I’m gone.


Mr. Bumpy: Late at night when you’re sleeping

‘Round your room I’ll be creeping

And all your stuff I’ll be keeping

I know I shouldn’t hada but I gotta gotta have it

Have whoa!

Mr. Bumpy: (whisper)

That’s right,  at night  I prowl around.


Your stuff, you think you lost I found.


Mr. Bumpy: Grab your pocket for your wallet

Got your stuff I’m gonna haul it

Don’t look for your lost baseball

It’s Mine. Ha ha!

Remote controls and postage stamps

The false teeth from your sleeping gramps

The light bulbs out from your night lamps

I’ll find. Ha!


Mr. Bumpy: Your baseball card that you’re saving,

Is just the item I’m craving,

To my designs that I’m having,

I gotta gotta have it, gotta gotta gotta have it

Have it all. 

Mr. Bumpy: Look up, the stuff you think you lacks


Has turned into my midnight snacks

Ha ha! 

Hoo hoo!

Uh-uh, Uh-uh


Mr. Bumpy: All the stuff I take I eat

The shoe laces from off your feet

The fourteen day old sandwich meat

I munch! 

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

 Scarfing keys and follow that 

The pieces from your favourite hat

The dial from your thermostat 

That’s lunch.


Mr. Bumpy: I think I got a suggestion

I think I got an ingestion 

It isn’t out of the question 

I ate something that I shouldn’t have been messing with. 

Mr. Bumpy: (feeling sick) Ooh, some meal

I feel a little bit rotten. ….

Oh, from scarfing down the stuff I gotten. 

Oh my.  (Belches)

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