Woman from Osaka company
The Japanese Business Woman is a human character which appears in the series Bump in the Night. Like the rest of the human characters, she is a live action performer and her face is never shown.  

She is performed by Janice Kawaye

Appearance Edit

She is an adult female, wears a white lab coat, has long black hair and she is seen working at a computer in an office.

Role in the Series Edit

The Woman works in the toy factory in Osaka, where Little Robot and her Family are made.  However it is revealed that the toys have a design flaw and the Company is planning to recall the robots and have them destroyed.

Little Robot appears and see's the message on the computer screen which says "recall and destroy all little robots". The Robot is horrified and then types a message to her friend, Squishington in San Fransisco, she says farewell to a photo of her family and sends herself through the email. 

Later, The Japanese Business Woman learns that one of the robots is missing. She calls her Boss then he tells her to find the robot and destroy it. The woman then says she is programming a "search and destroy" into one of the Turbo Totra Noid robots, saying the missing robot is as good as terminated.

The Woman unplugs the small purple robot from the computer, the robot wakes up and it's face turns into a mean angry face. The Woman places the Little Robot's Sister down and it transforms into it's giant battle form.

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