Grape jelly
Jam, also known as Jelly is a sweet substance made from boiling fruit with sugar to a thick consistency.

In the Bump in the Night episode "Night of the Living Bread",  Mr. Bumpy and Squishington comes up with a plan to lay out various foods as a way to lure The Living Bread.

Bumpy plans is to make The Living Bread eat so much until it explodes. While Squishington leaves the kitchen to lure the Bread, the first food that Squish mentions is the jelly.  

Mr. Bumpy is interested in the jelly, he dips his finger in the jelly and tastes it. Bumpy then loose control of his appetite, he then picks up the jar and instantly gobbles up the jelly. 

In the episode, "Baby Jail", when Mr. Bumpy is searching the pantry for the Baby Formula, he pushes away a jar of Olives and a jar of Jelly. 

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