Mr bumpys karaoke cafe song card
The Karaoke Cafe Song is the opening song of the sing along segments in the stop motion animated series Bump in the Night.

The song is performed by Mr. Bumpy with the Cute Dolls as back up singers and is written and composed by Jeff Moss.

The main characters appear in the song, including Destructo standing beside Bumpy, Molly Coddle and Squishington on the dance floor, and other recurring characters dancing in the background. 

Lyrics Edit

Mr Bumpy: It's the perfect place to let the music play. 


Cute Dolls: Karaoke!

Mr Bumpy: You can sing a song and dance the night away. 


Cute Dolls: Karaoke!

Mr Bumpy: Every thing is okie- dokie 

At the Karaoke Cafe! 


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