Ken Pontac co creator of bump in the night
Ken Pontac (born May 22, 1957) is an American television writer and the co-creator of Bump in the Night. He  has written for children's shows like ToddWorld and LazyTown. He also writes for the dark humor cartoon Happy Tree Friends and helped create its spin-off Ka-Pow!

Life Edit

In 1981, Pontac started his film career in Hollywood, directing fim graphics for films and commercials. He created comemercial spots for Coca-cola, Dinseyland and Shell Oil. He also created feature effects for Never Say Never Again and Moonstruck. 

Pontac moved to Northern California in 1987, he worked on The New Adventures of Gumby and produced sets, puppets and artwork. He returned to Hollywood in 1989 to create a prime-time televison pilot that aired on ABC TV. After spending a year on the Warner Brothers lot, he created his own company called Danger Productions. 

The company had employed a staff of one hundred artists and animators who created content for television, video games, and computer applications including the best selling video game Clay Fighters.

The company produced twenty-six half-hours of the ABC TV animated program Bump in the Night, which Pontac created, produced, wrote and directed. Pontac was also accompanied by David Bleiman, the other co-creator of the series. The show ran for 2 seasons and had a Christmas special "T'was the Night before Bumpy."

Pontac is now a writer and story-editor for Mondo Media's very popular show Happy Tree Friends, known for it's dark humor, animated violence and gore. Pontac has also been credited for writing other shows such as Lazytown, Growing Up Creepy, Reboot, Extreme Dinosaurs, The Wacky World of Tex Avery and Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. 

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