Kewpie Dolls creating an out of control wave for Mr Bumpy.JPG

Kewpie dolls are items that is a brand of dolls and figurines that were initially conceived as comic strip characters by artist and writer Rose O'Neill, Which were used in the Bump in the night series with permission from the company which they were used in most pop culture.

Role in the seriesEdit

In the episode Party Poopers The Cute Dolls want Mr. Bumpy for their Tea Party because having a monster at their party will make them trend setters. Bumpy spends most of the episode trying to escape the Dolls when a Blonde Cute Doll tracked down Bumpy and saying on the phone to the other Cute Dolls not to worry that he'll be fully accessorize in time for the party and she picks up the phone and tells them Bumpy is headed for their way and to use "The Box."

When Bumpy is seen in the hallway upset that Squishy is going to "A Doll Party" and that he feels all hot and dizzy. Just then, one of the Cute Dolls appears flying in a pink airplane, she drops a large box and it lands in front of Bumpy. Then Bumpy at first says he won't fall for the trick, but is then becomes curious and unlocks the crate. First, it seems like the crate is empty, Bumpy picks the box up over his head and looks inside.

Then a small pink "Kewpie doll" falls out, then another, then a never ending supply of Kewpie dolls fall out. The whole room is filled with pink "Kewpie dolls" and Bumpy is caught in the out of control wave. He then starts surfing on a surfboard and starts talking like a surfer dude, but then says he has to be careful about copyright Then it shows the Kewpie dolls disappearing down a drain, Bumpy pulls out the plug and is relieved, Bumpy then says how it was fun and easy.

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