Kid gloves

The Kid Gloves with their parent Glove

The Kid Gloves are a pair of tiny adorable mittens which appear in the Bump in the Night episode "All You Need is Glove".

In the episode, Mr. Bumpy chases the Glove because it stole his perfect left foot sock. Bumpy then corners the Glove inside the dresser and demands to hand over the sock and says "no more kid gloves".

Just then, a pair of adorable baby mittens come out from hiding, Bumpy realizes that the Glove has kids. Bumpy sees the cute playful little gloves decides that he doesn't want the old sock after all. The baby gloves then start tugging on another sock that Bumpy was hiding behind his back, Bumpy then awkwardly says that he also doesn't want that sock either.

Bumpy then returns the sock to the Glove, the parent Glove put's the sock aside and starts cuddling the two mittens. Bumpy is touched by the sentimental moment and realizes that he is becoming a big softie and says goodbye to the Glove family. 

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