A Limousine  (or limo) is a luxury sedan drove by people of high class status. It is a long vechicle often used by wealthy or famous celebrities. 

Role in the Series Edit

In the season 1 episode, The Bowl of the Squishy Prince, Mr. Bumpy is shown in a fake cardboard cut out Limo to trick the Cute Dolls to think Squishington is a prince. 

In the season 2 episode Bump and Roll, Mr. Bumpy pretends to be a rockstar and Squishington accompanies him as his  chauffeur and drives him around after his concerts. The Cute Dolls angrily chase after Bumpy and jump onto the Limo, while Bumpy thinks that they are groupies and they can't get enough of him.  Squishy stops the Limo causing the Dolls to fly off, Bumpy sees that the Dolls have disappeared and tells Squish to go back to driving. 

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