Little Robots Family

Little Robot's Family as shown in a picture frame

Little Robot's Family are minor characters from the Bump in the Night.

The Robots are never shown in person and only appear in a photograph.

Role in the Series Edit

Little Robot's family are small Turbo Totra-Noid robots that are made in a machine plant in Osaka Japan.

In the episode Made in Japan, Little Robot tells Squishington that she was taken away from her home in Osaka and has millions of identical brothers and sisters. Squishington decides to help the homesick robot and sends her home through the mail. Little Robot thanks her new American friend and they become pen pals.

In the season 2 episode Made in Japan II, it turns out that the Turbo Totra-Noid toys are defective and are being recalled back to the factory and are planning to be destroyed. Little Robot learns about this and flees the factory to avoid being destroyed. Little Robot then turns to a photo on the desk of her family, she says farewell to her "sisters" and leaps into the computer and is sent through the email.

The Little Robot's are never seen and are assumed recalled and destroyed. Little Robot does have a surviving sister which was corrupted and sent to track her down and destroy her. In the end, Little Robot's Sister is reformed and the sisters are reunited. 

Appearance. Edit

As shown in the photograph the Robots are all identical to Little Robot, they have small white bodies, big wide eyes, bendable arms and a heart on their chest. Each robot has a unique color pattern, while Little Robot is red and white, the other robots are shown with yellow, green and blue colors. 

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