Loves laboured bump title
"Love's Labor Bumped" is an episode from the second season of Bump in the Night.

(Aired on September 16, 1995)  

Plot Edit

The episode begins in the Boy's bedroom, just then a globe, a baseball bat and a toy truck are hurled across the room. Mr. Bumpy is heard off screen taunting somebody, but then Bumpy himself is shown screaming and flying across the room. Bumpy then slams into the wall and Destructo then blows up a giant hole in the wall and enters.

Destructo extends his mechanical arm and grabs Bumpy by the leg, Destructo then announces that Bumpy's rein of rule breaking is over. Bumpy tries to squirm and claims that all he did was lick the toothpaste tube and squeezed it a little, Bumpy then confesses that he actually squeeze a lot and spat out the toothpaste. Destructo then points out that Bumpy squeezed the tube from the top instead of the bottom, calling it a severe violation of dental etiquette. Destructo then says that Bumpy must pay the price, Bumpy starts clawing at the floor and leaving scratch marks and ripping up wooden pieces.

Bumpy continues to tell Destructo to let go of him, just then Molly Coddle enters holding one of her torn off arms. Molly calls out to Mr Bumpy, she says hi to Destructo and he stops and smiles at her. Molly then ask Destructo if she can borrow Bumpy, Destructo sees that Molly wants to borrow the rule breaker and is worried about justice. Molly ask if it can hold for a few minutes, and says that she needs Bumpy to reattach her arm or she won't be 100% comfortable.

Destructo sees that being comfortable is important to Molly, she then says it's important to everyone and it makes life worth living, similar to how Destructo brings law and order to the universe. While the two are talking, Bumpy is trying to pry out his leg with a crow bar. Destructo thinks about what Molly said about comfort and justice are both good things and concludes the Molly is good. Destructo then tells Molly that justice will prevail and decides to let Bumpy free.

Molly thanks Destructo, Molly tells Bumpy to also thank him, which he uncomfortably does. Destructo then decides to help Molly out and he then blast another giant hole in the wall. Molly is shocked and tells Destructo that she would rather use a door, Molly then hooks Bumpy by the eye stalks and the both leave. Destructo is smitten and says farewell to Molly and has his hands on his chest and smiling.

In the bathroom, Bumpy thanks Molly for getting him out of that situation, Bumpy then says that he never seen Destructo act like that before. Molly also notices that Destructo has been acting odd and says she never understood him since he's not the comforting type. Bumpy then helps reattach Molly's arm, and says that Destructo is the non fun type. Molly then warns Mr Bumpy not to break anymore rules or the next close call may be his last.

Later that night, Destructo is watching out the window and expressing his secret love for Molly. He holds a photo of Molly, claiming that they can bring order to the universe. But Destructo then says that feeling corrupt his circuits and he mustn't give into his feelings. Mr Bumpy appears and watches Destructo from behind the toy box.

Destructo starts crying out his love for Molly, he then starts conflicting with himself between justice and comfort and says that they belong together. Mr Bumpy then starts chuckling to himself, and realizes that Destructo has a crush on Molly. He then decides that he can use this to his advantage and make life bad for Destructo.

Later, Mr Bumpy appears in front of Fort Destucto, saying that he usually doesn't come waltzing up to his mortal enemies house but says that it's not a normal time, but it's Bumpy time. Bumpy then pulls out a megaphone and yell out to Destructo to come get him. The alarm goes off and Destructo appears in search of the trouble making monster.

Bumpy calls out to Destructo, and he is revealed to be disguised as Molly, wearing a large orange wig, eye shadow, eye lashes, a glove on one hand and a red and white stripe sock on his leg. Desctructo is confused by the strange female, Bumpy then tells Destructo that he is "Molly Coddle, comfort doll extraordinaire".

Destructo is surprised to see Molly but he then notice that Molly looks shorter than usual, Bumpy then claims that he fell in the washing machine and shrunk. Destructo also notices that Molly's voice sounds different, and Bumpy says he has a throat infection and feels like he swallowed a Frog, he then coughs up a live frog which hops away. Destructo then notices Molly's hair and feet, Bumpy then tells Destructo that he is sensitive about his appearance.

Destructo believes Bumpy and apologizes for being insensitive and ask Molly to forgive him. The cross dressing Bumpy then jumps in Desctructo's arms and tells him that she will give him a kiss if he can catch her. Bumpy jumps out of Destructo's arms and dashes off, Destructo then falls and lands on his face. The love sick Destructo calls out for Miss Molly and tells her to wait for him, and he follows after Bumpy.

Bumpy races to the dresser, he tells Destructo this way, and calls him a big metal dunce under his breath. Bumpy then dashes away and Destructo appears desperately searching for Molly. Destructo then calls out his desire to taste Molly's lips on his metal mouth, then Mr Bumpy is heard from the top of the dresser and tells Destructo to "taste this".

Destructo is confused and Bumpy then drops a large heavy Sumo Wrestler onto Destructo. He is crushed under the Sumo Wrestler, the wrestler stands up and says "Hai, Arigato" (Yes, Thank you), he then bows and walks away. Bumpy then starts laughing loudly and says that Sumo Wrestlers come in handy and he never leaves the house without one.

Then, Destructo looks up and sees the Molly impostor, he then calls out and says that "no mere towering height will keep me from your embrace." Destructo then starts climbing up the dresser, Bumpy then calls out to Destructo and says "I'm just all a quiver to lock lips with you too." Destructo is now every determine, he is almost at the top of the dresser, and Bumpy tells him that he can do it and he is almost there.

Destructo then tells himself that he must, he grabs onto the nob on the dresser, Bumpy tells him that loose nob might be a bit of a problem. The nob breaks off, Destructo then has nothing to hold on to and he screams and falls to the floor. Bumpy then pulls out a screw driver and says "once again the screw driver proves mightier than the robot" and laughs histerically.

Lying on the floor, Destructo is hurt and feels his aching microchips. However, Destructo is still determine and doesn't want to give up. He then fixes up his body and tries again to get that kiss. Bumpy looks down the dresser and sees that "Mr tall dumb and metallic is coming for more." He then says it is too easy and he likes it that way.

Destructo pulls himself up onto the dresser, he calls out for Molly and is ready for the kiss, he closes his eyes and points to his puckered up lips. Mr Bumpy then says "one kiss coming up", he then ties a rope around Destructo's mouth. Then it shows Bumpy dragging a large heavy anchor with the rope ties to the other end, Bumpy then throws the anchor off the dresser and Destructo falls and screams again. Bumpy then says Destructo "sure can kiss... the ground that is" and laughs uncontrollably. Bumpy then gets up and say it hurts from laughing so hard.

Back on the floor, Destructo says that Miss Molly is fond of playing games, but says that he can play too, he then engages his "rocket power grappling hands," he fires his hands to the top of the dresser, and he pulls himself to the top with ease. Bumpy is thinking to himself what else can he do to this "chump", but the Destructo appears and surprises Bumpy.

Bumpy is shocked to see Destructo, he then picks up the little green monster and holds him in his arms. Destructo is glad to be with his playful comfort doll, and he wants the kiss he was promised. Destructo puckers up and Bumpy desperately cries out no, Bumpy then slaps a piece of duct tape across Destructo's mouth and runs away.

Bumpy then says "that was too close, in fact it still is" and runs off again. Destructo rips off the piece of duct tape, he then calls out to Molly saying she can run but she can't hide. Destructo then actives his "jet powered roller blades," his feet then transform into with wheels and an engine. Jet exhaust then blast out of Destructo's roller blades and he zooms off to catch Bumpy.

Mr Bumpy then jumps down from the dresser and lands on the floor, Bumpy sees that this is getting out of hand and if he's not careful Destructo will make him his girlfriend, and he's not even his type. Bumpy then decides there is only one thing to do, he takes off his wing and hides it behind his back.

Destructo lands onto the floor and tells sees Mr Bumpy, Destructo then says "out of my way vile rule breaker, I am in pursuit of comfort." Bumpy then says whatever you say, Molly said not to get in your way. Destructo then faces Bumpy and thinks that Bumpy has seen Molly. He grabs Bumpy by the eye stalks and warns the little monster not to trifle with his affections, he then demands Bumpy to tell him where Molly is.

Bumpy's eyes begin to bulge and he wheezes in agony, he tricks Destructo to think Molly went to the closet. Destructo drops Bumpy to the ground, believing Molly is inside the closet he thinks she can't escape him now. Destructo dashes into the closet and gets attacked by the Closet Monster.

Mr Bumpy eagerly listens to the chaos inside the closet, Bumpy then laughs saying he "loves the sound of the closet monster at night, it sounds like Destructo getting the snot kicked outta him." While Bumpy is enjoying this, the real Molly Coddle appears and ask him what is going on and ask if someone is inside the closet. Bumpy tries to act like he doesn't know, he shrugs and says could be. Molly is unsure about what he is means and Bumpy says it's a case of "robot meets girl, robot loses girl, robot gets smeared by closet monster."

The closet door opens and Destructo comes out, badly injured with broken parts and lose screws on the floor. Destructo starts malfunctioning, he power's down and his neck spring pops out. The real Molly sees Destructo and is worried about him, she calls out to Destructo and see's he looks terrible. Destructo feels normal again and is excite to see Molly, he grabs Molly in his arms and declares "your lips are mine."

Destructo gives Molly a big kiss on the lips, while Molly isn't enjoying this. The kiss is over and Molly then screams loudly, she angrily pushes Destructo away and starts whacking him on the head. Bumpy sees this and cracks up laughing, saying that it is stupendously wonderful and he couldn't plan it better himself.

Bumpy keeps laughing and Molly walks up to Bumpy and auspiciously ask if he had anything to do with this. Bumpy is giggling uncontrollably and claims he had nothing to do with it, while accidentally showing the wig from behind his back. Molly becomes impatience, ask Bumpy what is he hiding and points out to the thing he is holding. Bumpy then tries to act innocent, and says he is "clean as a wig" and tries to correct himself by saying "whistle," he then starts whistling nervously.

Molly is angered and distracts Bumpy by saying "look a giant sock", Bumpy falls for the trick and tries to find the sock, while dropping the wig on the ground. Molly picks up the wig and she realizes Bumpy dressed up like her. Bumpy tries to act innocent but Molly demands Bumpy to confess. Bumpy then acts defensive and demands a hearing, he then pulls out a business card telling Molly to talk to his lawyer "F .Lee Squishington."

Molly then angrily tells Bumpy how can he do this to her, after she warned him about getting into trouble, then she tells Bumpy he broke one rule too many. Bumpy then ask which rule was that, Molly then says it's the most important rule of all; "Don't make this comfort doll uncomfortable."

Bumpy then becomes nervous and begs Molly not to blame him, and says "blame the educational system, blame society, blame anybody but me." Bumpy tries backing away from the angry doll, but then backs into Destructo. Bumpy taps the metal thing behind him, realizing he is in big trouble.

Destructo then tells Bumpy that he is the one and justice will prevail, Bumpy sees that Destructo is furious with him and his big metal fist make a gun click noise. Bumpy then faces the viewers and says he is going to have a rough time here and they might want to avert their eyes because this could get ugly.

The screen pans away from Bumpy, about to get his comeuppance, Bumpy cries out "anything but the guacamole" and Bumpy is heard being brutally beaten up off screen. Later, it shows Bumpy injured and lying in bed, wearing bandages all over his body. Bumpy then says that "love hurts" he then groans in pain and the episode ends with a heart shaped iris wipe.

Quote Edit

Destructo: In all the heavens, no star shines as bright as yours... Molly Coddle. Wouldn't my programming allow me to express myself properly. Together we can bring such wonderful order to the universe... But that is not Destructo's way. Feelings corrode my circuits. I mustn't give into them. I mustn't. I-I...

Destructo: Molly. Molly. Do not forsake me! My patchwork love! Justice and Comfort! Comfort and Justice! We belong together! Forever!

Mr Bumpy: (chuckling to himself) Soooo. The "Big Metal Lug" has a crush on Molly! Ha ha! Got a feelin' this is gonna be good for meee. And BAAAAD for Destructo!

Mr Bumpy: (disguised as Molly) Hey there big tall and robotic! Got time to take a snuggle break?

Destructo: Who are you strange female, what do you want with Destructo?

Mr Bumpy: Don't you recognize me? I'm Molly Coddle, comfort doll extraordinaire. Come over here and I'll comfort what AIL'S YA!

Destructo: Miss Molly. Where are you? Where have you gone? How I long for the taste of your lips on my tired cast metal mouth!

Mr Bumpy: (from on top of the dresser) Yeah? Well taste THIS bud!

Destucto: What? (drops a sumo wrestler on Destructo)

Sumo Wrestler: Hai. Arigato!

Mr Bumpy: (laughing loudly) HA HA HA! Those sumo wrestlers sure come in handy.Never leave home without one!

Trivia Edit

  • In this episode, it is revealed that Destructo has a crush on Molly. However Molly doesn't feel the same way since he is not the comforting type. Destructo does eventually get a love interest named Destructette in "Twas the night before Bumpy".
  • This is the third time Mr Bumpy dresses in drag, the first time in "Gum Crazy" he dresses like a woman to flirt with his Heart, and the second time in "The Bowl of the Squishy Prince" when he pretended to be Princess Bumpelina.
  • When Destructo is fantasizing about Molly he says that their love can bring order to the universe. This is similar to the 2010 film Toy Story 3 when Spanish Buzz tells Jessie that he will show her the galaxy and vanquish all evil with love.
  • Squishington doesn't appear in this episode, but he is mentioned by Mr Bumpy as his lawyer and Squish's face is seen on a business card.

Gallery Edit

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