The mother of all microbes
The Mother of All Microbes is a  character which appear in the Bump in the Night episode "Adventures In Microbia".

The Microbe is a ferocious monster and tries to eat Mr. Bumpy and Squishington, and is vulnerable to disinfectant spray. 

Appearance Edit

It is a large threatening blob like germ, it is indigo color with short flailing arms, no eyes and a big wide mouth. Similar to Squishington, it doesn't have any legs and has a gelatinous ooze like body.  

Role in the Series Edit

When the Purple Germs capture Mr. Bumpy and Squishington and accuses them of Microbocide, The Lead Purple Germ declares that the prisoners will be thrown into the pit where they will be devoured by the "Mother of all Microbes" and be digested through out the eons.

Germ Girl stands up to the Purple Germs, saying she is in love with Squishington. When Squishington refuses to marry germ girl, both Bumpy and Squish are thrown into the pit.

At the bottom of the pit, the giant Monster Microbe appears to devour Squish and Bumpy, they both start throwing stones at the creature and they see a clearly marked exit behind it. Bumpy tells Squish to talk to the Germ, Squish tries to politely reason with it, the plan fails and the Microbe tries to eat them. Bumpy distracts the creature with a card trick but it then eats his cards.

Mr Bumpy and Squish prepare for the end, but Germ Girl comes to the rescue armed with a disinfectant spray. Germ Girl tells the Microbe to stay back, she then sprays the creature causing it to flee.  

The Microbe returns to finish them off, but Squish stands up to the beast and throws the spray bottle into it's mouth. The Microbe shrinks down and is destroyed. When the friends escape the pit, the Purple Germs congratulate them for their bravery and are rewarded their freedom. 

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