Mr Bumpy's Heart
Mr Bumpy's Heart is a character and the second organ that Mr Bumpy and Squishington encounter in the episode "Gum Crazy." He is voiced by Jim Cummings. 

The Heart looks exactly like Mr Bumpy except he has a long black mustache and an over the top french accent. 

Bumpy and Squish escapes the Stomach's hungry henchmen and the Heart invites them inside his place.

Inside the room, Bumpy's Heart is lying on a pink heart shaped couch and suggestively lures them to come in. Bumpy plan's to sweet talk the Heart and he will melt like butter. Bumpy then changes his appearance and dresses like a woman, the Heart is attracted to Bumpy and claims to be an expert on love.

The Heart starts counting the ways he loves gum in french,  Bumpy then starts counting up to random numbers, the Heart is angered now that he lost count, Bumpy is pushed off the couch and his disguise falls off.

Bumpy then becomes aggressive and starts whacking the Heart with a pink heart shaped pillow. Bumpy sits on top of the Heart, and demands the Heart to give him the gum. The Heart says that it's not his decision and tells the duo to ask the one in charge, the Brain.

Squish then grabs Mr Bumpy and they go off to see the Brain, the Heart then calls for his Guards and says that his "sanctuary has been violated". A group of pink Bumpy-looking cupids then start shooting arrows at Bumpy and Squishington, they are hit with suction cup arrows and escape the Heart's room.