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Mr.Bumpy's Karaoke Cafe is a cafe and a karaoke club combined which is located under the bed in the Bump in the Night series.

The place is owned by Mr. Bumpy himself, usually in the show each episode is split in three segments (Expect in the Bump in the night Christmas Special T'was the Night Before Bumpy which is split in 3 parts).

Because it was an half hour per show and near the end there was a segment called Mr.Bumpy's Karaoke Cafe where the characters would perform songs in a music video style with clips from the episodes. The opening song is The Karaoke Cafe Song which is sung by Mr. Bumpy and the Cute Dolls as the back up singers.

List of Songs used in this segment. Edit

  1. Sorry Blues
  2. Why do you like me
  3. Bump in the Night - Theme Song (Alternate Version,Also know as Everybody Bump)
  4. Gotta Have It
  5. Find a New Neighborhood
  6. You Need a Hug (Also known as Hugs)
  7. Go Away and Don’t Come Back
  8. School's Out
  9. Things You Make Me Want To Do
  10. Picking up the pieces
  11. Socks - I Love Socks
  12. Good Golly Miss Molly
  13. Don't Try This At Home
  14. I'm Bigger than You
  15. I Was Right and You Were Wrong
  16. Comfort Schmumfort (Song)
  17. Making Music is Fun
  18. It’s Mine
  19. I Live in the Porcelain
  20. What Goes Up Must Come Down

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