Mr. Bumpy's Teeth is a character from the Bump in the Night episode, Nothing but the Tooth.

They are teeth that belong to Mr. Bumpy but they gain a life of it's own and decides to turn on it's owner. The Teeth is a silent character and doesn't speak any dialogue, however it does make snapping noise. 

Appearance Edit

The Teeth are Mr. Bumpy's disembodied teeth, they appear like a pair of dentures with irregular rotten looking teeth. 

Role in the Series Edit

In the episode, Mr. Bumpy has a toothache and his teeth a rotting and turning black. Squishington tries to help Bumpy and believes that chewing gum can help get rid of his toothache. Squish gives Bumpy a whole full stick of gum just to be safe, Bumpy chews the gum and creates a giant bubble, after the bubble burst, he is sent flying through the air and his teeth hit him in the back of his head. 

The Teeth come alive and Bumpy feels around his mouth realizing he is all gum and no teeth. Bumpy tries to reclaim his teeth but they snap at him, Bumpy believes that his teeth don't recognize him and tries to tell them they belong in his mouth. The Teeth ignore him and goes on a feeding frenzy, devouring anything that comes in it's way including a television set. 

The Teeth has a ferocious appetite, even Bumpy mentions that he didn't realize he had such an appetite. The Teeth are also dangerous and are predator like, it first tries to attack Molly Coddle, then Yellow Bunny and then the Cute Dolls

Similar to Mr. Bumpy, the Teeth also likes to eat socks, while Bumpy fights with his teeth over possession of the sock, the Teeth takes the sock and devours the rest. The Teeth then imagines Bumpy and Squish as a pair of socks and chases after them. 

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