Mr. Bumpy's shoulder devils are two minor characters which appear in the Christmas special T'was the Night Before Bumpy.

They are red devils that resemble Mr. Bumpy, they appear on his shoulder to tempt him to do the wrong thing. Just like Mr. Bumpy, the Devils are both voiced by Jim Cummings.

History  Edit

A shoulder angel or devil is a plot device used for either dramatic or humorous effect in television and animation. It is used to represent the lead character's inner conflict between good an evil, however Bumpy doesn't appear to have an angel but instead has another devil, emphasizing Bumpy's bad greedy side taking over. 

Appearance Edit

The devils are tiny creatures which resemble miniature versions of Mr. Bumpy. The devils have hot red color skin, contrasting with Bumpy's cool green color. They have little black horns, which appear to be on their eye stalks and they both have long imp like tails.

Role in the Series Edit

In the Christmas special, Mr. Bumpy finally reaches his goal of finding "Santa's bag of toys", but before he can take it, he is is unsure what to do with it. At first, Bumpy thinks about sharing the toys, but just then his shoulder devil appears and tells him that the bag has his named written all over it.

Bumpy's greed starts to rise, but he then remembers his promise to Squishington and he can't betray his best friend. A second shoulder devil appears, much to Bumpy's shock. The second devil tells Bumpy that sharing is for everyone else and not him and the first devil agrees.

Bumpy becomes overwhelmed with greed and wants all the presents for himself, the two devils succeed in turning Bumpy bad and they are never seen again. Bumpy grabs the bag but activates the "Giant Rolling Santa of Doom", Bumpy then tries to escape the giant rolling Santa chasing him.

Although the Devils are figments of Bumpy's imagination, they seem to psychically interact with him, such as grabbing his eye stalks and touching him.

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