Bread at 21
The Narrator is an off screen character from the Bump in the Night episode, Night of the Living Bread.  The Narrator is voiced by Jim Cummings, who is also the voice of Mr Bumpy, Closet Monster and Destructo. 

Role in the Series Edit

He is a character with a deep booming voice which narrarates the episode as if it was a horror movie. Bumpy and Squishington are both aware to what the Narrator is saying, such as when Squishington hears him mentioning the "fatal flaw" in their plan. 

The Narrator then goes for a long speech that the bread ate them and everyone else in the neighborhood, Bumpy interrupts the Narrator and tells him to "shut up" and the "bread isn't going to eat anyone."  

In the end of the episode, when Bumpy and Squish defeat the evil bread the Narrator starts talking again. Bumpy gets annoyed and stops him and says "the heroes defeat the bread and he didn't eat anybody". Squishy then ask Bumpy about the rest of the loaf, just then the Narrator is being attacked off screen by the rest of the bread while Bumpy and Squish are enjoying his misfortune.  

As the episode ends, the Narrator then starts making a list of fictional films coming soon such as  "The Good the Bread and the Ugly" and "Bread at 21."

The Narrator has a small role in the episode "Loss of Face", when Squishington helps lead the Silverfish group to find "The Place."