Not a leg to stand on title
"Not a Leg to Stand On" is an episode from the second season of Bump in the Night.

(Aired on December 2, 1995) 

Plot Edit

The episode begins in The Boy's Bedroom, Mr. Bumpy appears taking The Cute Doll's car for a joy ride and driving it around the room. Mr. Bumpy is driving around laughing but then crashes into a waste basket and the car is covered in scrunched up paper. Bumpy comes out from under the rubbish and looks around to see if there are any witnesses. Bumpy then tells the viewers it's a good thing he doesn't have a license or he would get in trouble.

Mr. Bumpy then puts the car in reverse and one of the front head lights is broken, Bumpy then says that he will just sneak the car back before the Cute Dolls notice it is gone and drives away. Meanwhile, in Little Sister's Bedroom, the 3 angry Cute Dolls wait impatiently while Molly Coddle and Squishington wait beside them looking concerned. Mr. Bumpy appears and parks the car, the Cute Dolls scold Bumpy for taking their car, while Bumpy tries to play innocent and ask what car.

The other Cute Dolls ask how many times do they tell Bumpy about taking their car, Bumpy then says he couldn't help himself and leaps out of the front seat. Mr. Bumpy then tells the Dolls if they didn't want him to drive, they shouldn't have told him he was not allowed to. The Cute Dolls are fed up, while Bumpy tries to lighten the mood and ask if anybody wants a crusty sock and tells them he is buying.

The Cute Dolls then say that whenever there is trouble, Bumpy is the somehow involved. The Dolls decide that they should teach him a lesson by using the Carnivorous Foam Toads. Bumpy hears this and has a flash back to the time the Cute Dolls surrounded him with the vicious toads.

Bumpy backs away in fear and bumps into Squishington, the worried green monster begs his best friend to say something, while Squishington tells Mr. Bumpy it was nice knowing him. The Cute Dolls are furious and head towards Bumpy until Molly stands up to them and tries to plead Bumpy's case.

Molly Coddle tells the Cute Dolls that Bumpy is not a bad monster he's just impulsive. Bumpy hears this and smiles, Molly tells the Cute Dolls that Bumpy has learned his lesson, Bumpy nods and says he did learn his lesson, but then mutters "what lesson". Molly then tells the Dolls that Bumpy also might give their Toads indigestion, and there is nothing worse than a Carnivorous Foam Toad with an upset tummy.

The Cute Dolls stop to ponder, they decide to let Mr. Bumpy off the hook this time but they tell him that it better not happen again. Molly walks up to Mr. Bumpy and says that she got him out this time but warns him to watch himself, Bumpy promises to behave but then ask who wants a ride back. Molly looks at Bumpy crossly and Bumpy changes his mind and decides to walk home.

Later in The Boy's Bedroom, Mr. Bumpy and Squishington standing by the waste basket while Bumpy slurps up a sock string like spaghetti until the sock completely disappears. Bumpy turns to Squish and says that he wants to thank Molly for what she did and wants to give her the perfect present. Bumpy begins to think of what to get her, such as an earwax sculpture or a bottle of aged Flem.

Squishington tells Bumpy that yesterday Molly was admiring the Cute Doll's new shoes and maybe he should get her a pair. Bumpy then says that is a good idea, he then Squish if he knows her shoe size while Squish shakes his head. Bumpy then gets an idea to figure out Molly's shoe size and runs off.

Soon at Molly Coddle's House, Molly is fast asleep in her bed while Bumpy is at the other side of her bed trying to unscrew her feet off. Bumpy mutters that Molly's feet needs oil and finally takes off her feet. Bumpy then tip-toes away while carrying both of Molly's feet in his hands.

Back Under the Bed, Mr. Bumpy is sorting through a pile of doll shoes and trying them on Molly's disembodied feet. Bumpy sorts through them while describing them, such as too sticky and too smelly. Bumpy finds a hot red high heel shoe and uses it to scratch his back, he enjoys the scratcher and says he might keep it for himself. Bumpy puts the red shoe down and picks up a small black doll shoe, which is Molly's shoe in the first place, and realizes that it is the perfect fit.

Bumpy then puts the shoe inside a cardboard box and puts the other shoe on the other foot and puts it away. Bumpy then wraps up the present and puts a bow on top of it. Bumpy then talks to himself and says he just has to get Molly's feet back on before she wakes up, while Bumpy completely forgot that he put Molly's feet inside the box with the shoes. Bumpy looks around in confusion and says that the feet where there before, Bumpy checks through the shoe pile but is unable to find them, he then hopes that Molly won't notice.

Meanwhile at Molly's house, Molly wakes up to the alarm clock beside her bed, she stretches and yawns and feeling drowzy she gets out of bed. Molly tries to stand up, but she is now walking on stumpy legs, she loses balance and falls to the floor screaming.

Molly cries out for help and Squishington and the Cute Dolls rush to her aid. One of the Dolls ask Molly what is wrong, Molly tells them that her feet are gone. Squishington suggest that she might have misplaced them since she has been running around a lot, while Molly shakes her head and says that she couldn't misplace them without misplacing herself.

The Cute Dolls check the bed and says that Molly's feet must have been stolen, Molly then ask who would do such a thing and Mr. Bumpy enters the scene. The Cute Dolls blame Bumpy while the panicked little monster tells them it is not what they think. Molly then ask if Bumpy took her feet and Bumpy mutters maybe it is what they think. Bumpy then tells Molly that he only did it to get Molly a pair of shoes.

The angry Cute Dolls ask Bumpy where are they, while Bumpy admits he doesn't know and he misplaced them. The group gasp in shock, Bumpy ask Squishington if he believes him, the angry dolls stare him down and the nervous blue monster ask what was the question again.

The Cute Doll ask Bumpy if he has any last words, Bumpy then distracts them by saying there is a two headed monkey riding a unicycle, the confused group turns around while Bumpy escapes. The Dolls are angry that they have been tricked, while Squish says that Bumpy knows every trick in the book and he is as Wiley as they come. Molly yells out for Bumpy and tells him to come back, she says that he can't run with her feet and tries to stand up, Molly loses her balance and falls face first to the ground.

Later that night, the Cute Dolls have set up wanted posters of Mr. Bumpy all around the bedroom, Molly is shown sitting on a red skateboard while Squishington helps push her around the room. Squishington then ask Molly what if Bumpy didn't do it, Molly then replies if he even known Bumpy to "not" do anything. Squish see's a Cute Doll hang up another poster and Squish dismally responds "good point."

One of the Cute Dolls has finished hanging up the poster, she then announces that there is a life time supply of cuticle cream as a reward for anyone that has information leading to Bumpy's apprehension. The Doll walks away and suddenly a pair of eye holes appear in the poster and Mr. Bumpy peeks through to see if the coast is clear. Bumpy crawls out and is worried now that he has become a wanted criminal, Bumpy then tells himself he has to lay low until things cool off, he then faces the viewers and says that some people will do anything for cuticle cream.

Eventually Mr. Bumpy is shown hiding in the vents under the floor, Bumpy then says it can't get much lower than this. He picks up a grey fuzzy dust bunny and says he is down to his last one, he then gobbles up the ball of dust and swallows it. Suddenly, the floor begins to rumble and Bumpy hears a loud banging noise from above. He peeks out from under the floor and see's the Cute Dolls hammering up more posters.

Soon Molly appears on the skateboard while the Cute Doll pushes her around, the Doll tells Molly not to worry and that they will find Bumpy, the second Doll then reply's even if it takes forever. Bumpy hears this and goes back under the floor, Bumpy is worried that they will search for him forever, or longer. All of a sudden, Bumpy gets an idea and says unless the one they are looking for isn't him, he then decides that he needs an new identity.

Soon Molly, Squishington and the Cute Dolls are shown with rolled up wanted posters, suddenly Bumpy is heard calling out to Squish in a thick European accent. Mr. Bumpy enters the room wearing a hat, thick bushy eyebrows, a big shaggy mustache and a blue nose cap, Bumpy claims that he is Squishington's long lost cousin Bella from Bulgaria. Squishington is filled with joy meeting his long lost cousin and gives him a big welcoming hug, but then mutters to himself that he didn't know he had a Cousin Bella.

The disguised Mr. Bumpy then ask Squish for a big helping of socks for his cousin, Squish then says that even though they just met he feels like he knew him all his life. Squish gives Cousin Bella a big hug, which cracks Bumpy's bones and cause the fake nose to fly off his face. The false nose falls to the floor and the Dolls realize that it is Mr. Bumpy the whole time, Bumpy is now exposed and the Dolls confront him.

The Cute Dolls then ask what is he doing back and accuse him of going to steal Molly's arms next. Bumpy then begs if he can say one thing in his defense, Molly then tells Bumpy to go ahead but make it quick. Bumpy then hastily tries to think of what to say, he then tells them that he will be back when he comes up with something and runs away.

Mr. Bumpy rips off the disguise and escapes, Molly then tells the Dolls "let's get him" and they roll Molly and the skateboard after him. Squishington is left alone feeling melancholy, he then says he first lost Mr. Bumpy and now his Cousin Bella and just when they were getting close.

Mr. Bumpy has nowhere to run and discovers the Cute Doll's car, he remembers that they told him not to take the car and he doesn't want to get in trouble, but then realizes that he is already in trouble. He then leaps into the car and drives away. Molly points to the little green monster and the Cute Dolls push the skateboard to chase after him.

Bumpy drives past the Cute Dolls house while the Dolls follow him, Bumpy drives through the Boy's room and comes by a pile of socks. Bumpy swipes up a dirty sock and says that running from the law works up a fugitives appetite and he gobbles it up. All of a sudden, Squishington appears in the middle of the road, Squish screams and Bumpy freaks out, causing his teeth to pop out of his mouth.

The car comes to a screeching halt and Bumpy hits Squish with the car and he flies up into the air. Bumpy spins around out of control and Squish lands in the car next to Bumpy. The two monsters both drive away and Bumpy crashes into a laundry hamper. The Cute Dolls ask where did Bumpy go and Molly points out to the pile of clothes. Bumpy and Squish come out from the clothes pile and appear wearing ladies sunglasses and cloths on their heads. The two monsters make their escape while the Dolls chase after them.

Bumpy and Squish drive through the hallway while Molly shouts out that they have no where to run. Bumpy then says that he has gone this far and there is no turning back now, Squish tells Bumpy that he has to and screams out to hit the breaks. They both head towards the stair case and Bumpy tries to stop the car, but they come flying off the stair case. They freeze frame in mid air for a few seconds, the image turns to grey, but they immediately fall to the ground in a big crash.

The Dolls surround the wreckage, the car is completely ruined with the front part crash and broken. Bumpy comes out from the car feeling dizzy and injured, he then has a weary smile as he knows that the jig is up.

Back in the bedroom, Bumpy is standing in court while the Dolls say he is guilty of everything. One of the Cute Dolls say that his sentence for his crime is a bubble bath, while Bumpy trembles in fear by the horrible punishment. Suddenly, Squishington appears to testify for Mr. Bumpy, Squish then announces he has evidence to prove Mr. Bumpy is innocent. Bumpy is grateful for his best friend and says he knew he could count on him.

Squishington shows his first piece of evidence, a photo of himself next to Molly's legs in a suggestive pin-up girl pose. Squish then holds up his next clue of a confession note that Bumpy was not the last person seen with Molly's feet but himself. The Dolls look shocked while Squish shows his third clue, a drawing pad with sketches of Molly's feet signed by Squish himself. Squish then announces that the culprit couldn't have been Mr. Bumpy because the evidence points to himself.

Squish then ask what motive could Bumpy have, since he already has a pair of feet. Bumpy then points at his own foot to show them, and Squish then points out that he is the only person without any feet. Just then, Squish then becomes worried as he appears to be the guilty one. Squish then suddenly has a panic attack and claims that he is innocent and cries out that he was framed. Squish then screams out that Mr. Bumpy did it and cries out that he wants to live, the Dolls then turn back to Bumpy who is in trouble again.

Soon, Mr. Bumpy is being carried away on the skateboard with chains shackles on his arms and legs. Bumpy then tells Molly that maybe she would be in a better mood if he opened the present he got for her, the shoes he was talking about. Molly is still mad at Bumpy and ask "where am I suppose to wear them, on my ears?"

Molly unwraps the present and looks in the box, Molly is surprised and Bumpy ask if she likes the shoes. Molly reaches into the present and says even better, and she loves what is in the shoes. The Blonde Cute Doll holding a soap bar and a scrubbing brush is also surprised and realizes that they found Molly's feet. Squish then laughs and tells Mr. Bumpy that he must have wrapped the feet up by mistake. The other Cute Doll is disappointed and says that Bumpy really is innocent.

Squishington removes the shackles and Mr. Bumpy cheers that he is free at last. Mr. Bumpy is overwhelmed with joy, he gives Squishington a big hug and starts bouncing around saying it is the best day of his life. Molly re-attaches her feet and thanks Bumpy and is glad that he didn't really steal her feet. Bumpy says that he is glad too, he then says after a scare like this one he vows to live a clean life for now on.

Immediately after that, Mr. Bumpy runs up to the Cute Dolls car and leaps in, forgetting his vow to not break the rules again. Bumpy starts up the car and drives off while Molly and Squish watch him. Bumpy heads towards the Cute Dolls, the frighten girls scream and climb into the laundry basket to get out of the way. The mischievous little monster drives away and the episode ends.

Quotes Edit

Mr. Bumpy: No witnesses. Good thing I don't have a license or I might lose it for something like this.

Mr Bumpy: I'll just sneak it back before the Cute Dolls even notice it's gone. No Problemo

Molly Coddle: Listen, Guys. Bumpy is not a bad monster. .. exactly. He's just impulsive. I think he's learned his lesson.

Mr Bumpy: Oh yeah! I've learned my lesson and how. What lesson?

Cute Doll: Molly, what's wrong?

Molly Coddle: My feet. They're gone!!

Squishington: Maybe you misplaced them. You have been running around a lot lately.

Molly Coddle: No I couldn't have misplaced them without misplacing myself.

Cute Doll: Then they must've been stolen.

Molly Coddle: Stolen?! But who wouldn't done such a thing?

Mr Bumpy: No, no no. It's not what you think!

Molly Coddle: Did you take my feet?

Mr Bumpy: Oh, well maybe it is what you think. B-but. I only borrowed them so I could get you a pair of shoes!

Cute Doll: So where are they?

Mr Bumpy:  Well, I... Don't know! I may have sort of misplace them... lost them... sort of. (The Cute Dolls, Molly Coddle and Squishington all gasp)

Mr Bumpy: You believe me, don't cha pal?

Squishington: Uh, well I... Oh. What was the question again?

Cute Doll: Any last words?...

Mr Bumpy: Look! A two headed pink polka dotted monkey riding a unicycle!

Molly Coddle: Bumpy! Get back here! There is no where you can run with my feet!

Trivia Edit

  • The title of the episode comes from the idiom "Not having a leg to stand on", meaning to not have any support in proving something. This has double meaning as Molly Coddle literally loses her feet, and Mr. Bumpy doesn't have any support in proving he is innocent.
  • When Mr. Bumpy has a flash back of the Carnivorous Foam Toads, a scene from the season 1 episode Party Poopers is shown.
  • Goof: After the scene when the Cute Dolls let Mr. Bumpy off the hook, for a few frames Mr. Bumpy's green semi-circle lower eyelid begins to separate from his eyes at an angle, but in the next frame his eye lids are fine.
  • When Mr. Bumpy is trying to think of a present to give to Molly, the scene shows clips from previous episodes such as To Sleep Perchance to Burp, The Bowl of the Squishy Prince and I Dream of Silverfish.
  • In Molly's room, she has a photo of Mr. Bumpy hanging on her wall.
  • When Mr. Bumpy is trying on the different shoes on Molly's foot, he uses descriptive words such as "too big, too wide, too narrow, too sticky... etc." Mr Bumpy is quoting in the style of the popular children's book "Old Hat, New Hat" by Stan and Jan Berenstain. Similar to the book, Mr. Bumpy tries on many different shoes for Molly but in the end chooses the old shoes because they are just right.
  • In the scene when Mr. Bumpy is driving the car and is heading towards Squishington, Mr. Bumpy freaks out and his teeth pop out of his mouth. That is the same teeth puppet used in the season 2 episode "Nothing but the Tooth".
  • In the scene when Mr. Bumpy and Squish are getting away in the car, the scene is a homage to the 1991 film Thelma and Louise, this includes Bumpy and Squish wearing head scarfs and sunglasses, the car driving off the stair case and the scene freeze framing in mid air. 
  • At the end of the episode Mr. Bumpy cheers "Free at last", quoting Martin Lurther King Jr. Bumpy has quoted "Free at last" in other episodes.
  • This is the only episode where Molly Coddle loses her feet.