Nothing but the tooth title
"Nothing but the Tooth"  is an episode from the second season of Bump in the Night.

(Aired on November 11, 1995) 

Plot Edit

The episode begins in The Boy’s Bedroom, Mr. Bumpy is heard hollering and crying in agony, he shouts out “The pain, the pain” and the scene cuts to Mr. Bumpy’s Nest where his best friend Squishington accompanies him. It is revealed that Mr. Bumpy has a toothache, his tooth is black and rotten and the gum around it has become swollen Squishington tells his friend that maybe he should see a dentist, Bumpy then acts like it doesn’t hurt and he can barely notice it and they cut to a close up of his mouth with his teeth all black and dirty.

Squish looks inside Bumpy’s mouth, the little green monster then lets out a huge painful scream but then claims that it is getting better. Squishington warns Mr. Bumpy that if he doesn’t take care of his bad tooth, his teeth will rot, his gums will turn green and his mouth will turn into a pit of goo, Bumpy hears this and enjoys the idea of not brushing his teeth. Squish then tells Bumpy that if he does, his teeth will fall out and he won’t be allowed to eat socks anymore. This shocks Bumpy as he will never eat socks again and Bumpy begs Squishington to help him.

Later that night, Mr. Bumpy is shown holding an ice pack over his sore tooth, Squishington returns and tells Bumpy that they have to remove his bad tooth and he knows the solution, Squishington then begins to blow bubblegum and the pink gum splatters all over his face. Bumpy is surprised that the solution is chewing gum, Squishington then looks inside Bumpy’s disgusting mouth and says it looks like a very bad tooth. Squish then picks up a whole stick of gum and says they have to use extra gum to be safe.

Mr. Bumpy begins to chew the gum while humming along; he then begins to blow the gum bubble making it bigger and bigger. Suddenly the bubble pops and the impact of the explosion sends Bumpy flying across the room. Bumpy lands on the floor in front of the toy box, just then his disembodied teeth fall out of the sky and hit him on the head. Mr. Bumpy’s Teeth then start snapping around and has developed a mind of it’s own, Mr. Bumpy realizes that his teeth are gone and starts feeling around his mouth with his tongue and becomes worried.

Squishington giggles and happily tells Mr. Bumpy that he knew he could help him get rid of his toothache, Bumpy then begins to mumble without his teeth and says that he was happier when the teeth were in his mouth keeping his tongue company.

The green gummy monster then goes over to his teeth and tries to pick it up, but the vicious teeth begin snapping at him. Bumpy then says that maybe his teeth doesn’t recognize him, he then greets his teeth and tells the teeth that it lives in his mouth, Bumpy then stretches his mouth open to show the teeth where it belongs.

The Teeth then turns away from Bumpy and goes on an eating spree, first the teeth begins to chew an extension cord which turns out to be connected to a television set. The T.V is then pulled across the floor and Squishington and Mr. Bumpy watch as the Teeth devours the entire television.  The Teeth then swallow the T.V antennae and belches, Bumpy then says that he didn’t realize he had such a big appetite.

Bumpy then goes up to his bodiless teeth and tells them that it’s time to come home, all of a sudden the angry teeth rears up on him and tries to chomp him. Squishington begins to tremble in fear while Bumpy rushes to his side, Squish then stammers and says that maybe they should forget about the teeth. Squish then says that they are overrated and covered in plaque, he then freaks out and says it could be rabid.

Soon Molly Coddle enters the room; the Teeth begin chattering around and spots the unsuspecting comfort doll. Squishington screams and warns Molly to look out, just then the Teeth chases after Molly and goes off to attack her. Molly screams in horror and kicks her feet around to avoid being bitten, she leaps into the drawer and hides from the sinister teeth.

The Teeth then turn around and discovers Yellow Bunny munching on a carrot, the sinister teeth then chatter after the innocent little rabbit and sneaks up behind her. Yellow Bunny then turns around and screams in fear, she drops the carrot behind her and runs away. The teeth then gobbles up the carrot and chases after the poor bunny, Yellow Bunny then hides inside a big blue trash can while the Teeth tries to snap at her.

Just then, the Cute Dolls drive into the bedroom in their big pink car, the Teeth begins to chase after the car while Squishington and Bumpy try to warn the dolls about the “mad teeth”. The Dolls stop the car in front of the two monsters, the Teeth then appears and bites off the car’s back bumper. The Dolls scream in horror and jump out of the car, the teeth leaps onto the car and continues to snap aimlessly.

Suddenly, the Teeth discover a pile of socks, which is Mr. Bumpy’s favorite food. The hungry teeth leap off of the car and begin to eat the socks one by one. Bumpy calls out to the teeth and says that the socks belong to him, the Teeth continues to eat while Bumpy tries to grab his beloved socks. Bumpy and the Teeth begin fighting over the sock and Bumpy tells him to let go, they both keep pulling the sock until Bumpy accidentally lose his grip and the sock comes flying out of his hands.

The greedy Teeth then eats the won over sock and quickly finishes the rest of the sock pile. The Teeth then turn to face Squishington and Mr. Bumpy and imagines them as a blue sock and a green sock with purple polka dots.  The teeth begins to creep closer and closer to the two frightened monsters, Bumpy tries to calm down the Teeth and tells it to be good. Bumpy then ask if it doesn’t want to bite the hand that feeds it but then the Teeth snap at the two monsters and they run away in fear.

The two little monsters then run across the bedroom while the hungry set of Teeth chases after them. Bumpy and Squish find a safe hiding place on top of the desk, the Teeth tries to get to them, but they pull a cord up onto the desk so the Teeth can’t reach. Squish pulls the cord onto the desk while Bumpy watches the Teeth down below, the angry Teeth then leaps into the air and tries to bite them but lands back on the floor.

The Teeth then snaps around but then leaves and hides under the bed, Bumpy and Squish watch from the dresser while Squish pants in panic. Squish then tells Bumpy that he wants to complement him on what fine teeth he has, he then says “even though they are flesh eaters” and Bumpy gives a weary toothless smile. 

Later that night, Mr. Bumpy and Squishington are still standing on the desk, looking around to see if the coast is clear. Squishington then says that maybe the teeth got tired and went away, Squishington then says that the teeth are long gone by now and drops a pencil onto the floor to be sure. The pencil rolls onto the floor and the hungry teeth rushes out and instantly chews the pencil into oblivion. Squish sees this and is worryingly says that maybe they should wait a little longer. 

Time passes by and Mr. Bumpy feels his stomach rumble, Mr. Bumpy is becoming hungry and says that they can't wait around forever, he then claims he is wasting away to "snot and bones" and he needs to eat. Squish tells Bumpy that he just ate 3 hours ago, Bumpy hears this and says that 3 hours is a long time record for him. Bumpy then says if only they could get to the sock drawer and he see's the open drawer with socks hanging out on the other side of the room. Bumpy tells Squish that he would give his own teeth for a sock right now if he had any teeth to give.  

Squish tells Bumpy that maybe if he didn't think about food so much he wouldn't be so hungry, Bumpy becomes annoyed and shouts out that thinking about something else makes him hungry and he emphasizes that he is "really really hungry". Bumpy becomes delirious and imagines Squishington as a big blue sock. Bumpy then shouts out that he needs a sock right now and begins licking is lips hungrily. Bumpy snaps out of his fantasy and Squish worryingly says that maybe they should help Bumpy find something to eat after all. Bumpy agrees with the idea then says he has an idea and Squish mutters that he was afraid of that.  

Soon, Bumpy and Squish as shown holding the Boy's hockey stick, Bumpy tells Squish that the Teeth are dangerous but it can't get them while they are in the air. Bumpy then uses the hockey stick like a pole vaulter and fling themselves over. Just then, the Teeth begin to eat the hockey stick from the bottom up and Bumpy and Squish are lowered to the ground.  

The Teeth continue to chew the hockey stick to pieces and Bumpy and Squish are closer to the Teeth. The entire hockey stick is destroyed and Bumpy holds Squish in his arms and uses his feet to hold the disembodied mouth open. The Teeth then close shut and Bumpy and Squish are sent flying through the air and land on the desk where they first started. Squish is exhausted and ask Mr. Bumpy if they can forget about getting the sock and suggest that he could let Bumpy lick the bottom of his feet instead. Bumpy then points out that Squish doesn't have feet and Squish is left speechless.  

Later, Squish comforts the miserable Bumpy and tells him not to feel bad, Squish then tells Bumpy that he has a surprise for him and rushes over to a book titled "A Tale of Tube Socks." Squish opens the book and discovers a grey sock inside used as a book mark. Squish picks up the sock and gives it to his hungry friend, Bumpy is overwhelmed with joy and is ready to eat. Bumpy tries to bite into the sock but he doesn't have any teeth to help him chew and struggles to eat his meal, Bumpy realizes that it is hopeless and mutters "so close, yet so far" and spits out the sock.  

Bumpy is then shocked by what he just did, he then says that in his whole life he never spat out a sock before and becomes upset. Squish gives Bumpy a straw and suggest that this will help, Bumpy bends the straw and begins to suck up the sock string like spaghetti and the sock unravels away. Bumpy then lets out a big burp and Squish tells him he has a thread hanging on his lip, Bumpy then becomes anxious and snaps. Bumpy screams out "I can't take it anymore" he then cries out that he can't spend his life sucking dirty socks through a straw.  

Suddenly, Bumpy becomes overwhelmed with courage and announces that he has to face his foe "mano e molar". Bumpy then declares that he has a plan to get his Teeth out in the open and use his super secret weapon. Squish then ask Bumpy what is his super secret weapon and Bumpy then responds if he did tell him it wouldn't be a secret, he then admits that he hasn't thought of it yet.  

Later that night, the Teeth return and start snapping around looking for things to eat, the Teeth then finds an old sock and immediately shreds it to pieces. Just then, Mr. Bumpy appears casting a huge shadow and stands down the Teeth like in a western film. Bumpy tells his foe that he bit off more than he can chew and then reveals himself holding a powerful electric toothbrush and announces that no one is going to keeping him from his socks.  

Squishington is watching from the sidelines and begs for peace, Squish ask Bumpy if everyone can just be friends. Bumpy lifts the toothbrush in the air and tells Squish that it is too late for that, he holds the toothbrush firm in his hands and say that he is going to put his money were his mouth was. The Teeth snap at Bumpy and the little green monster says "it is time to eat paste", the Teeth snap at him again and Bumpy tells the Teeth that he has something that will leave a "bad taste" in his mouth.  

Mr. Bumpy then pulls a cord on the toothbrush and begins to charge up the engine, the toothbrush starts buzzing and whirling like a chainsaw and Bumpy dashes into action. The Teeth turns the other way and retreats while Bumpy follows after it, the Teeth head towards the toy box while Bumpy cuts him off and begins to duel. Bumpy then swings his toothbrush like a sword and telling the Teeth to "take that" while the Teeth jumps around, avoiding the attack, the Teeth try snapping at Bumpy but he keeps his distance.  

Bumpy then goes to the other side of the bedroom and continues to fight the Teeth, Bumpy tries to get the toothbrush close to the Teeth but it keeps biting and snapping at it. Bumpy then gets the brush close to the disembodied mouth, but the Teeth grabs the toothbrush and tosses the little green monster into the air. Bumpy lands safely on the floor and turns to face his foe, the Teeth appear and tries to attack while Bumpy hides underneath The Boy's chair for protection.  

Bumpy begins to fight the Teeth through the legs of the chair, the Teeth continues to snap at the toothbrush while Bumpy fights back. Suddenly the Teeth bites into the leg of the chair and takes out a big chunk, the Teeth then leaps into the air while Bumpy cheers and pumps his fist up. The Teeth lands on top of the desk while Bumpy leaps up after him, Bumpy swings his toothbrush around while dueling on the desk, the Teeth leap up while Bumpy watches in fear, and he swings the toothbrush around to protect himself. The Teeth continue to leap around the desk, the Teeth snaps at Bumpy and then jumps off the desk and Bumpy leaps off after it.  

The Teeth become nervous and starts retreating backwards, it is then backed into a corner and starts shaking in fear. Bumpy then tries to get the Teeth with the electric toothbrush but it keeps jumping out of the way, the Teeth then scuttles across the floor and Bumpy lifts his leg out of the way. Bumpy then strikes a pose while holding the toothbrush and tells his Teeth that he is "truly a worthy adversary". The Teeth then rears up and charges towards Bumpy, he swings the toothbrush around but the Teeth tries snapping at him. Bumpy flinches and accidentally lets go of the toothbrush, Bumpy is now unarmed and the Teeth leaps up into the air. Bumpy watches in fear as the Teeth slowly creeps towards him, Bumpy is defenseless and braces himself for the worst.  

Suddenly, Squishington calls out to Mr. Bumpy and tells him to catch, Squish is then shown with a tube of toothpaste on top of a pink bar of soap, Squish then pushes the soap bar over to his friend and Bumpy grabs the toothpaste while the soap bar glides across the floor. Bumpy holds the toothpaste in his hand, he reads the lable "world's strongest toothpaste: pumice, titanium, baking soda" with a minty flavor. Bumpy turns to face Squish and gives him a big thumbs up and Squish gives a smile and also gives him a thumbs up.  

Just then, Bumpy raises his foot and stomps onto the toothpaste tube, the toothpaste comes gushing out of the tube an hits the Teeth. The disoriented Teeth is completely covered in thick blue toothpaste and starts stumbling around, Squish calls out to Bumpy and tells him to hurry while the Teeth are momentarily blinded.  

Bumpy then glides over to the toothbrush and says "No more Mr. Nice Bump", he then tells the Teeth to eat plaque and threatens to brush it into an inch of it's life. The Teeth panic and Bumpy goes in to finish off the Teeth, Bumpy tells the Teeth that he will teach him to open his mouth and the Teeth are backed into a corner. Bumpy finally attacks the Teeth with the electric toothbrush and scrubs him top, bottom, left, right and on the roof of it's mouth.  

Mr. Bumpy then ask the Teeth if it has had enough, the Teeth are weaken into submission and shakes in fear. Bumpy then says "good" and order the Teeth to "go to your room" and points to his empty mouth. The Teeth surrenders and accepts it's defeat, it backs up to Bumpy and jumps backwards into Bumpy's mouth where it belongs. Mr. Bumpy is victorious and reunited with his teeth, he opens his mouth wide and admires that his Teeth came back in the right order. Just then, Squishington rushes up to Bumpy and cheers that he did it, Bumpy smiles in victory with his white squared shape teeth back in his mouth.  

Soon Mr. Bumpy and Squishington are shown back on top of the desk, Bumpy celebrates his victory with a big delicious sock, he instantly devours the well earned sock and sighs with satisfaction. Bumpy is now happy and tells Squish that "it doesn't get any better than this, a fabulous meal, my teeth back in my mouth" Squish then interrupts and adds an extra bonus, Squish then sniffs Bumpy's mouth and says "minty fresh breath". Bumpy then faces the viewers and smiles happily, he feels his teeth around with his tongue and taps his tooth, ending the episode.  

Quotes: Edit

Mr Bumpy: Oh the pain, the pain the pain. (crying)

Squishington: Oh Mr Bumpy, perhaps you should see a dentist. 

Mr Bumpy: It doesn't hurt that bad. I hardly even notice it. (Close up of Mr Bumpy's rotten black teeth) 

Mr Bumpy:  (Mr Bumpy letting out a loud agonizing scream) I think it's getting better.

Squishington: Mr. Bumpy, if you do not take care of your bad tooth, your other teeth will rot,  your gums will turn green and your mouth will turn into a bubbly pit of rancid goo.

Mr. Bumpy: And all I have to do is not brush ‘em? Why didn’t someone tell me this before, chum?!

Squishington: M-m-maybe we should forget about the teeth, huh Mr. Bumpy? They are overrated anyway, and covered in plaque… Besides it could be RABID!!

Mr. Bumpy: Nice teeth, good toothers... Nice "clean" teeth.... You don't wanna bite the hand that feeds you? RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!

Squishington: By the way, Mr. Bumpy. I just wanted to complement you on what "fine teeth" you have.... Even if they are "Flesh eaters!"

Mr Bumpy: Look at me, I'm wasting away to snot and bones!

Mr Bumpy: I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! I CAN'T GO THROUGH LIFE SUCKING DIRTY SOCKS FROM A STRAW!! It's time I faced my foe. Mano A Mollar. All I have to do is to wait for my teeth to come. Then I use my super secret weapon.

Squishington: What's your super secret weapon?

Mr Bumpy: Now if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret... Besides,  I haven't thought of it yet.

Mr Bumpy: This time you've bitten off more than you can chew, Pal! No one's keeping me from MY SOCKS!

Squishington: Come on guys. Can't we all just be friends?!

Mr Bumpy: Oh it's too late for that Squishy! It's time I put my money where my mouth was....

Trivia: Edit

  • The title of this episode comes from the saying “Nothing but the Truth.”
  • In the scene when the Teeth chase after Molly Coddle and Yellow Bunny, the musical score plays the tune of the “Mexican Hat Dance.”  
  • Molly Coddle doesn't have spoken dialogue in this episode, besides a terrified scream.  
  • Molly Coddle, Yellow Bunny and two of the Cute Dolls make cameos in this episode.  
  • Goof: When Squishington tosses the pencil into the air, there are two wires shown holding up the pencil.