The Parakeet is a character which appears in the Bump in the Night episode, "Baby Snail". It is a wind-up mechanical bird with a key in it's back and is a predator to Baby Snail.

Role in the series Edit

In the episode, Mr. Bumpy and Squishington are pretending to be pirates, wearing pirate costumes, traveling in a boat and with a parakeet. While Squishington is afraid of the mean bird, both Bumpy and Squish discover a sleeping Baby Snail.

Squishington doesn't want to leave the baby alone believing it is lost. The vicous Parakeet then starts attacking Baby Snail and swoops down and carries her away. 

Squish thinks that it's too late to save the snail, but Bumpy then sits on one end of a see-saw and Squish lauches Bumpy in the air.  Bumpy is launched in the air and knocks the parakeet, Squish catches the Baby Snail and the Parakeet is defeated. 

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