Squish with a pie

A pie is a baked dish which is usually made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savory ingredients, Pies are defined by their crusts.

Role in the seriesEdit

In the season 1 episode Better Homes and Garbage when Mr. Bumpy lets Squishington stay with him until The Bathroom is fixed, Squishy tries to do nice things for Bumpy like clean up his nest also making him lunch thinking he is helping his friend Bumpy wants a sock instead of the nutritious meal Squishy fixed for him he looks in the file cabinet for a sock but can't find socks under "S". Squishington pops out of the drawer and tells Bumpy to eat some sweet potato pie and he can have a sock. Bumpy then pretends to eat the sweet potato pie and acts like it's delicious. Squishy know Bumpy is acting and he feels unappreciated. Bumpy is frustrated and says he must have a sock, Squishy is heartbroken and Bumpy feels sorry, he then says he will eat it all up to make him feel better.

In the episode Danger - Unexploded Squishington When Mr. Bumpy hears a noise in the kitchen thinking to be a burglar, and goes to investigate, Bumpy is scared by a dark figure in the kitchen and begs for him not to hurt him, but the figure is revealed to be Squishington eating a pie, Squishy offers Bumpy some pie, which he does eat, then Bumpy warns Squish that eating in the dark is dangerous (what if you missed your mouth in the dark and shoved a pie up your ear). Bumpy then gives Squishy advice, "only eat what you can see" and he goes back to bed for "beauty sleep." Squishington says goodnight to Bumpy and thinks to himself "one little piece wouldn't hurt."

In the season 2 episode Beauty and the Bump when Mr. Bumpy challenges Destructo to a pie fight Bumpy tells Destructo to walk ten paces and then two the pie and who ever hits first wins, Destructo says that this is a fools game but he will remain triumphant none the less. Destructo begins to count and he starts pacing, while Bumpy decides to cheat and sneaks behind him carrying a baseball bat. Molly Coddle stops Mr. Bumpy and ask if he hasn't learned yet, Bumpy then says he knows and Destructo throws a pie in his face, Bumpy then mutters "no bats" and the scene finishes.

In the song It’s Mine Mr. Bumpy sings about the stuff he finds he takes and belongs to him, and he has to have everything one of the things he mentions is "A Slice of pie" and takes the last piece.

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