The Plumber
The Plumber is a human character which appears in the series Bump in the Night.

He is a minor character as he doesn't have any dialogue and makes a small appearance on the show. Like the rest of the human characters, he is a live action actor and his face is never shown.

Role in the Series Edit

He appears in the episode "Better Homes and Garbage", Squishington is uprooted from his home and discovers the Bathroom has been completely renovated and messy. Squishington sees the Plumber leaving the bathroom with his tools and scratching his backside. This becomes the opening dilema for the episode making Squishington temporarily live with Mr. Bumpy

In the season 2 episode "Water Way to Go", Bumpy and Squish plan to go for a swim in the bath tub but discover that the water is all gone. Squishington finds a note saying that the water is turned off by the Plumber. It isn't confirmed if it is the same Plumber from "Better Homes and Garbage" but he is the only plumber to appear on the show

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