Purple germs

The Purple Germs are characters which appear in the Bump in the Night episode "Adventures In Microbia".

Appearance Edit

There are 3 Purple Germs, they each have round bodies with long skinny legs, skinny arms, large sharp pointed teeth and spikes on their backs. The leader of the germs seems to have facial hair including bushy eyebrows and a beard. 

Role in the series Edit

The Germs capture Mr. Bumpy and Squishington and accuses them of Microbocide. The Lead Purple Germ declares that the prisoners will be thrown into the pit where they will be devoured by the "Mother of all Microbes" and be digested through out the eons.

Germ Girl stands up to the Purple Germs, saying she is in love with Squishington, the Purple Germs decide to let the prisoners go, if Squishington marries Germ Girl. Squishington refuses and both Bumpy and Squish are thrown into a pit, where they are rescued by Germ Girl later.

At the end of the episode, the Lead Purple Germ then congratulates Mr. Bumpy and Squish for their bravery. He then rewards them with medals and announces they are free. Mr. Bumpy then celebrates how "epic" they are, he then ask the "chief" if the medals are worth anything on the open market.

The Germs also appear in the episode "Neat and Clean," which is a musical version of "Adventures in Microbia" and are shown dancing to the song. One of the Germs also appear in the Bump in the Night opening, with the other recurring characters. One of the Purple Germs are seen again as a background character at the  Karaoke Cafe.