Cute Reindeers from the Christmas special

The Reindeer are minor characters which appear in the Bump in the Night Christmas special, T'was the Night Before Bumpy. They are small elegant reindeer which are used to pull Santa's sleigh on Christmas.

Role in the Series Edit

In the special, Mr. Bumpy plans to take the bag of presents for himself and hijacks Santa's sleigh. He turns the key and starts up the engine, causing the reindeer to rev up and the sleigh takes off into the sky.

Bumpy has trouble controlling the deer as he cries out for them to slow down, but the deer don't appear to listen to his commands. As the sleigh flies around the world, Squishington accidentally makes a rip in the bag of presents causing the gifts to fall out and inevitably delivers all the presents.

Eventually, Bumpy tries to stop the deer and pulls the reins, causing them to snap. The reindeer and the sleigh both separate, as the deer fly away into the sky while Bumpy and Squish scream as they crash land back into the bedroom.

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