Rocket ship
A Rocket ship is a kind of spacecraft use for space travel and is sometimes used in the stop motion animate cartoon Bump in the Night. 

Appearance Edit

The Rocket seems to be homemade and is built from junk and scraps of metal. The nose of the rocket is made from a colander, and there appears to be a pair of egg beaters in front of the stand. 

Role in the Series Edit

In the episode Sock It To Me, Mr. Bumpy and Squishington try to travel in a rocket ship but Bumpy stashed away all his socks in the rocket. In the episode A Sneeze in Time, Bumpy is shown in a different rocket while Squishington tries to pump it up with an air pump.

In the season 2 episode Comfort Schmumfort, Bumpy and Squish are abducted by aliens and Molly Coddle goes off to rescue them in the home made rocket. Molly chases after the aliens in a high speed chase but the aliens, Sleemoth and Gloog see some Baby Ducks and stop their ship. Molly then crashes into the space ship, causing the rocket to blow up and the aliens assume she is destroyed. At the end of the episode, Molly and her friends escape in the rocket's escape pods. 

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