Sheep animal ID photo
The Sheep are minor characters that appear in the season 2 episode "Journey to the Center of the Lungfish".

Appearance Edit

The sheep are a pair of soft white woolly mammals, due to their black faces and white fleece they are probably of the "Suffolk sheep" breed. 

Role in the series Edit

The sheep have a small appearance and are only used as a visual gag. In the episode, the trio along with there new friend Captain Jetlag are sailing through the stomach of the Lungfish

Molly Coddle cries out to the Captain that they are caught in the rapids and ask what should they do. Captain Jetlag then announces to "man down the mailboxes" and "batten down the sheep".

The next scene then shows Mr. Bumpy, along with Squishington with a pair of sheep that come out of nowhere. While Bumpy puts letters inside mailboxes, the sheep are tied down on leashes. The two sheep just stand there bleating and moving around with the rocking ship. The ship rocks to one side and the clumsy sheep fall to the floor. After that small appearance the sheep are never seen again.

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