The Silverfish are a type of small wingless insect that appear in the stop motion series Bump in the Night. They live under the floors inside the house, the humans never see them and they often interact with the rest of the Bump in the Night characters.

Appearance Edit

The Silverfish characters are all identical to each other, unlike real silverfish that have a grey silver color, the silverfish characters have yellow skin, orange antennae and lips and big white teeth. They also have long skinny tails like real silverfish. Most insects have 6 legs while the Silverfish in the show have 2 arms and 4 legs making 6 limbs all together. 

They often wear clothing, such as vest and ties or different outfits depending on the character.  Since the Silverfish are all identical, it is easy to alter their appearance when creating a new character depending on the episode.

Roles in the series. Edit

The Silverfish are often used as minor characters, while other characters such as Phil Silverfish (voiced by Danny Mann) appears as a recurring character.  Other Silverfish characters include King Silverfish, Captain Jetlag (both voiced by Jim Cummings) and the Psychiatrist Silverfish (voiced by Rob Paulsen.)

The Silverfish characters sometimes have major roles in an episode. In the episode Loss of Face, Squishington wipes his own face off with a wash rag and accidentally loses it, the Silverfish discover the face and take it underground where they worship it like a deity. 

In the episode I Dream of Silverfish, Mr. Bumpy discovers Phil Silverfish in an old bottle and believes that he is a genie. Phil Silverfish decides to play along with this and scams both Bumpy and Squish in doing his bidding. 

In the season 2 episode  Journey to the Center of the Lungfish, Molly Coddle, Bumpy and Squish are swallowed by a Lungfish and find a pirate ship and it's Silverfish Captain. The Silverfish reveals his name as Captain Jetlag and tries to attack the group. When Molly tells Squish to show him his anchor tattoo, the Captain beleives they are sailing folk and welcomes them in welcome arms. 

Gallery Edit

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