Mr Bumpy holding a dirty sock his fav food
A sock is an item of clothing people wear on their feet, it is also the favorite food of Mr. Bumpy from the stop motion animated series Bump in the Night.

Role in the SeriesEdit

In the series, Mr. Bumpy has an appetite for dirty things such as socks, chewed bubble gum and toe nail clippings which are usually left behind by The Boy.  

Bumpy has such a fondness for socks he goes to extreme measure to get them as shown in his catch phrase "I got needs" and "gotta have it".  

In the episode "Sock It To Me", Squishington tries to help Mr. Bumpy control his appetite for socks, but his addiction is so strong it makes him aggressive when he is hungry.  

While in "All You Need is Glove", a living Glove swipes Mr. Bumpy's perfect left foot sock and he spends the entire episode chasing the Glove to get his sock back. In the end of the episode, Bumpy sees that the Glove is a parent with a pair of Kid Gloves and decides that they need the sock more than he does.  

In the song "Socks - I Love Socks", Bumpy sings about how much he enjoys socks and he loves them of all shape size and colors.  

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