Sugar frosted shark puffs
Sugar Frosted Shark Puffs is a name of a fictional cereal brand which appears in the Bump in the Night episode "Made in Japan".  

The cereal box is pink and has a picture of a cartoon shark wearing a napkin around it's neck. 

Role in the SeriesEdit

Squishington tries to cheer up Mr. Bumpy by being positive because about all the nutrition and vitamins he got from the box of Choco Space Flakes, but Mr. Bumpy is still disappointed that he didn't get the giant robot he wanted.

Squishington tries to cheer up Mr Bumpy by showing him a box of Sugar Frosted Shark Puffs. Mr Bumpy sees the shark puffs and is intoxicated by the "realistic scent." Squish then tells Bumpy that they will return the Robot toy for a refund and get a cool realistic submarine as shown at the back of the cereal box.