Bump in the night television bumpers abc

ABC animated bumper with Mr Bumpy and Molly Coddle

In 1993, ABC produced short animated bumpers featuring the Bump in the Night characters, Mr. Bumpy, Squishington, Molly Coddle and also Yellow Bunny

The bumpers were mini cartoons that were separated into 2 parts, the first half will play before the commercials with the jingle "After these messages, we'll be right back", and the second part will play when the commercials were done and say "and now back to the show."

The bumpers would have the Bump in the Night characters in a scenario, such as Mr Bumpy and Molly giving Squishington a hairdo and blowing him away with a hair dryer, Mr Bumpy painting a portrait of Molly or Bumpy and Squish being scared off by something in a box which reveals to be Yellow Bunny.

The bumpers first aired a year before the show Bump in the night itself which was back in 1993, which is probably where the idea for a TV show came from.

Some of these bumpers can be found on Youtube, Also look on the video page and see a rare Bumper with Mr.Bumpy and Squishington.

Gallery Edit

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