The Babies BITN

The Babies are minor characters that appear in the Bump in the Night episode Baby Jail.

Appearance Edit

They are small cute Baby dolls, with big heads, large cute eyes, small bodies and wear diapers. 

Roles in the Series Edit

In the episode, Molly Coddle is shown feeding the babies their baby food while Mr. Bumpy mocks them. Bumpy has a strong dislike for babies and claims that they have the easy life. Bumpy is reluctantly sent on a chore to feed the babies their baby formula, after Bumpy accidentally swallows the formula he is shrunk down to the size of a baby and has to look at the world from their perspective.

The Babies surround Bumpy while their leader, Big Mike challenges Bumpy to a game of "patty-cake". Big Mike is the assumed leader of the Babies as he is the biggest and toughest and is the only baby with a tooth. The Babies chant patty cake, while Bumpy battles Big Mike, he cheats and tickles Bumpy's foot. The Babies then force feed Bumpy disgusting baby food and Bumpy learns that life as a baby is not easy. 

Eventually, Bumpy helps the Babies break out of Baby Jail, but they are soon captured by Molly Coddle and Squishington. At the end of the episode, Bumpy is turned back into his grown up age and has a new respect for the Babies, realizing what struggles they have to endure. 

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