Dreidle song phil silverfish and yellow bunny

The Dreidle song is a musical number in the Bump in the Night holiday special T'was the Night Before Bumpy. It is based on the Jewish song and is performed by the character Phil Silverfish.

In the special, Molly Coddle becomes the pageant director and none of the toys take her seriously. Molly then becomes aggressive, she starts yelling at her toys and they immediately do what she says.

Molly then spots Phil Silverfish and she demands him to show her his act. Phil Silverfish then begins to sing about the dreile and Hanukah, while other Silverfish dance in the background. During the song, Yellow Bunny jumps onto the giant dreidle as Phil tells the meaning of Hanukah. 

Lyrics Edit

Phil Silverfish: Oh once I had a dreidle, I made it out of clay.

When it was dry and ready my dreidle I did play.

When I was in my cradle, I made you out of clay.

I loved you then my dreidle but where are you today?

Phil Silverfish:  I've grown up old and wiser and unlike little boys

You may think this old wise man would have no use for toys. 

But I've got such a dreidle the largest in the land

it's new and custom made-le, alright it's second hand....

Phil Silverfish:  On Hanukah each year I would give it such a spin.

It whirl so fast I'm wheeling, you got an asperin?

My super powered dreidle is taking to the sky.

Come on don't be afraid-le, you aren't going to die!

Phil Silverfish: Everybody dance... now we're having fun.


(music plays faster)

Phil Silverfish:  Uh oh the music's speeding up, very dramatic. Here we go, listen to this. 

Phil Silverfish: The magic of Hanukah was of the temple light

which burned for two whole days on the oil for one night!

The engine of this dreidle has got the gadgetry, 

and like the lamp delivers 8 times the M.G.T

Phil Silverfish: I'll light up the menorah, and maybe even stop.

And read a little torah, that's some amazing top.

Oh dreidle, dreidle, dreidle, I made you out of clay. 

I took you for a spin on my favorite holiday. 

Hey hey, hey... Hey hey, hey... Hey hey, hey, hey.

Hey hey, hey, hey.

I love this holiday! Everybody!

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