Toilet plunger
A Toilet Plunger is a tool used for plumbing purposes, it is also used as a prop in the stop motion series Bump in the Night. 

Role in the SeriesEdit

In the series the toilet plunger is used for comedic use, since Squishington lives in a bathroom, he is sometimes shown carrying a toilet plunger as a weapon to defend himself.  

A few times Squishington has armed himself with the plunger, such as the first episode "Made in Japan" when Squishington tries to protect himself from the giant robot. Another time was in "The Bowl of the Squishy Prince" when Squishy had to battle the Closet Monster

In the season 2 episode, "When the Music Starts" Mr. Bumpy uses the toilet plunger to repeatedly whack the toilet to make Squishington come out of hiding. 

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